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Isn't that what real feminism was supposed to be? Women are just doing things every day that men do and it's not a big deal.

USA/EU feminism has turned it into "women should get the best jobs, and everyone should notice them at every moment of every day."


[–] puddlewonderful 2 points 8 points (+10|-2) ago 

And there we have the massive misunderstanding. "Feminism" at a glance seems like its all about how women can be the "better gender" when really it means they're empowered to be equal. This picture is absolutely an example of feminism.


[–] Serah123 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

From what do you derive the - in your view - correct idea of what feminism is, as opposed to what you see as an incorrect first glance take on it? Do you have to be a good feminist to know what feminism is about? If so then who decides what makes a good feminist?!

I really think you are underestimating the commenter above you as well as lending a bit of false intellectual legitimacy to your assertions by simply handwaving his criticism of feminism away by claiming it simply represents a shallow ("first glance") take on the ideology/movement in comparison to what must be assumed to be what you consider a correct/deeper understanding of said ideology/movement.

For you see, I would consider myself to have at least more than simply a first-glance understanding of what feminism is and yet I agree with realpatrickstewart in his assertions. I would even go a bit further and damn the feminist project as a whole, not simply the modern western varieties. For feminism at its core revolves around patriarchy theory, a concept from which it can hardly be separated, that portrays men as either dumbwitted brutes who, through no malice of their own - but rather out of sheer force of habit and almost a psychotic lack of empathy for the other half of their fellow human beings - kept women under their bootheels, not aware of their supposed oppression, or as rather malevolent chauvinists who actively sought to keep women down so as to maintain power for themselves.

In all the active branches of feminism, it is this train of thought - the prevailing core ideological doctrine - that rears its ugly head.

Take for instance the events of late 2012 where a large feminist group at the university of Toronto prevented people from entering the venue of a Men's Rights conference held in 2012 which focused - among other things - on the high rates of male suicide, all the while branding the invited speaker, and anyone who dared enter the lecture hall, as rape apologists and rape culture supporters - completely without basis in fact - later on pulling the fire alarms to prevent the conference from continuing after it finally managed to get under way; or how about the way feminists closed ranks and supported the woman who made demonstrably made up claims of having been the victim of a vicious gang rape by members of the University of Virginia fraternity last year? And thats not to speak of the acts of vandalism that on-campus feminist groups commited against said fraternity right when the allegations surfaced.

There are of course further feminist initiatives and talking points that illustrates just how far from an egalitarian (or pro equality-) movement it is, choosing instead to believe in the men = aggressors, women = victims narrative a la patriarchy theory, such as; Perpetuating the wage-gap myth; trying to shift the burden of proof in rape-cases onto the accused (especially on campuses, see the Dear collague letter sent out by Obama's administration); seeking to abolish jail sentences for women (eg. the manifesto of the UK's Green Party); opposing a rebutable presumption of shared-custody (NOW organisation in the US); campaigning against "manspreading", and on and on it goes.

These are just a few notable, recent examples of influential "feminists behaving badly" all the while the silent, supposedly sane educated majority were too preocupied telling anonymous individuals on the internet how feminism is actually super-duper awesome!

In conclusion: If you are going to claim that feminism is for equality ("empowering to be equal" and all) then do please get the vast majority of feminists to stop twiddling their thumbs when the supposedly faux feminists are leading the charge and bringing about draconian changes to legislation and policy or generally just acting like dicks, that would be great. Until feminists starts to push back en masse against this toxic minority people will continue - rightly - to hold the view that feminism =/= equality.


[–] HighlandValley 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

It has shifted from fighting against institutional and legalized discrimination, to advocating that individuals stop their social cringing and general sexism, to now promoting the idea that women must become powerful world leaders. When you have a platform/ideology that originated in discrimination, what are you left to do when just about everyone in western society has become gender-blind? Look for inequalities and say they need to be rectified, even if that means disregarding the fact that the inequalities are caused by personal choice (decision to enter fields with lower earning potential, decision to take time off to have a child, unwillingness to work unpaid overtime, etc.). - And if someone points out those things as explaining things like a wage disparity, you have to be offended as if those statements are value judgments. Becoming a teacher or nurse is noble, deciding to raise a family can be noble, and no one can fault you for only working 40 hours so that you have time for a life outside of work. But if you make those decisions, you can't fault "the system" for holding you back.


[–] martymcdohl ago 

I don't think thats the case. Some of the best positions right now are held by older people, I like to think mostly because they have worked hard to get there. Older people just come from a different time and happen to still be very sexist. Probably racist too. omg. Am I being ageist?


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