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We're the ones that fucked it up with our meddling.

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(((jews))) screwed it all up. they needed a mossad outpost

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BP and the CIA.

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Not we they. I’m of the mindset we should mind our own business and I find most people agree. I love our government. They go and fuck something up go start shit with other people send young ignorant minds to be wasted and wasted then they refuse to give you your due when you get back. I’m so happy I didn’t sign up for the military even if it means I never get to kill anyone. Which Iv always wanted to do

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Most military guys never get to kill actual people though. They just kill subhuman shitskins

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Look at all those sluts I can see their hair!

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Most of those women weren't muslim and fled.

The muslim women in Iran were highly supportive of the islamic revolution and the return of big black bag burkas.

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Where did all the non-muslim persians go when the revolution occurred?

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Iranians can do whatever they want in their own country. They are of no bother to me and my people. I refuse to go to war with them.

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They were definitely western leaning under the Shah prior to Khomeini's takeover in '79. But the Shah, our guy (CIA) brutalized enough of the population that the didn't exactly shed a tear when he was thrown out. So I agree, this is their fight not ours. What we shouldn't do though is discourage them from doing exactly that. They were ready to roll in 2009, the mullahs had their planes on standby to get hell out. They thought they were going down. Obama encouraged them to stay put, the revolt died out. Here's a pro-Obama site commenting on that -


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Miniskirts and women in colleges is degenerate and toxic for any society.

This image is not something to admire.

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I agree, and I look at this picture from a different perspective now. Iran is a shitty Muslim country, but it also isn’t being overrun by immigrants and degenerates as in the West. As I mentioned in my initial reply to this thread, maybe the Iranians were on to something (by putting women back in their place).

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You’ve got it backwards, this was under the Shah, who was put on the throne by the CIA.

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Without Sharia law, them bitches were on the road to pink hair, tattoos and slut walks with black tape over their nipples. Good for Iran.

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I agree. Islam sucks, but not all of Islam sucks.

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True. Could you imagine sending a gaggle of faggots, a herd of niggers, or a harem of whores to parade down the streets of Tehran and publicly demonize their men? This shit is a daily occurrence in the West.

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Iran has a lot of Caucasian DNA. The Persian empire was led by Caucasian people.

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You can tell by looking at them. Those squarish jaws. And they're just very pretty. Not something that can be said of all Middle-eastern girls.

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I'll leave Iranian's gigantic hersheys kiss nipples for you. I'll stick to scandanavian chicks

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That's actually Afghanistan, but Iran did look about the same.

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Dat ankle tho

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