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If we fail and by some crazy miracle i am still breathing...Eastern Europe is definitely where i will recharge my batteries and live to fight another day.

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Shit, if they'd have me. I know better than to go where I'm not wanted. See also: what's happening to the entire western world.

On the upside, I am not a no-account feckless nigger, so I'd at least stand a chance.

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Eastern Europeans are actually quite the welcoming people once you get to know them. And I think you'd be welcomed any day over someone one shit skin especially if you're not coming with others in overwhelming numbers. Willing to integrate and be a productive member of society. Also not there to whore around.

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Thatd be fun, showing up with all my hardware.

"Yeah no you would want me to keep all this, want to hear some stories of what we just left?"

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I choose peek-a-jew

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Peekajew uses shekels, it's super effective

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Peekajew attacks National Credit Score!

It's super effective!

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It seems to be doing nothing but is actually destroying everything on the board by ruining their society with degeneracy, usury, and genetic extinction.

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It gives me more and more hope when I see these kinds of photos of these types of gatherings and the attendees are the youth.

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This is why the EU is between a rock and a hard place. They're shitting themselves at the idea that it might break up but they're also in a sweaty panic that genuine right wing racial nationalists might flood into the institution from the east.

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I like the message but decades of jewish media manipulation made me mistrust cropped crowd pictures.

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i LOVE lithuanian girls!

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If by love you mean you want to find one virgin Lithuanian girl and marry her...then Great.

Though if by love you mean (((sleeping around))) with as much Lithuanian girls as you can...then you deserve a bullet right through your Jewtainted brain.

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Loved one deeply. She dumped me because she wanted me to have kids (she claimed to be too old). Also she wanted to live in Lithuania again after her children had grown up; her thinking was that i couldn't sustain myself economically in LT. I disagree with both her points to this day LOL

But yea, she was the best parent i've ever seen. I 100% want someone with her system of values

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Based and red pilled

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tips fedora

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with as much

You should probably go back to learning basic English instead of thinking you get a say in who lives or dies.

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Never been so proud before to have Lithuanian Bloodline in me :)

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