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Never heard about her on the news. Bet I hear about this fuckin new zealand thing for years to come. Die media.

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I heard of her, a lot of posters on voat a lot of goats might know of her. I don't get this mass censorship of the interwebs this morning, i mean WTF? and facebook and instagram down yesterday? WTF are they trying to control??

Most people are good and have humanity, I have nothing to hide and I also posted her pic online so people should memember her and other Swedish and other Europeans and Americans and people of this world killed RIP. Strange enough the first victim of islam is probably the moslem itself, most deaths on islam are dumb jihadi terroristic mohammedans killing other in a war over who is the better muslem. She, this innocent European girl, was killed in the wave of radical islamic criminality and terrorism which came to Europe with the waves of islamist immigrants and refugees the 2017 Stockholm truck attack, where an islamic used a vehicle as a weapon against Europeans. Her father reported that her grave is currently attacked and constantly vandalished by an agressive islamic invader, a needy anti-Western crazy nergo islamist on Swedish welfare? and to remember the lives of the native Europeans and Westerners killed by these fake refugees and criminals.

I don't know what the fuck is going on this morning, everything is slow as fuck like a 1992 internet dial up connection, Liveleak is down, Bitchute is down, I can not watch anything streaming and most of my programs the .exe files are doubled or quadrupled up. Always assume you are being watched because you simply are. Also assume those faggots at the CIA, Mi6, MI5, Frogistani Secret French pedo Service and the FBI are almost completely infiltrated by the islamists because they ARE. I refuse to watch any of that BBC, CNN bullshit, I have not seen it since the mainstream news since the days of Bush and Obama bombing Iraq and criminal pedophile Dennis Hastert ad all the other globalist multi cultural war mongering shit that goes on.

Always try to be a pacifist unless you are under attack, if you are under attack defend yourself with your full might and protect your town, your people, your family. Personally I have been a massive critic of islamic immigration or the arrival of the mohammedan islamist jihadi so called refugees and not without reason, I think most religion is crap but I consider islamism to be an especially terrible part of the human race. There are 2 main flavor of the violent islamic nonsense, you have the Saudi sunni version of islam and the Iranian shiite version of islam, all of the islamic terror, the extremism, the war crys, they can be found in the Koran or Quran and also sunnah hadith bukhari, don't take my word for it get a copy of the Quran or Koran yourself and see all the terrorism, radicalism, rapes, slavery, beheadings and violence in these books, it is a backward 1400 yr old religion that prays to what you might desribe as a demonic Moongod al-Lah and founded by a terrorist criminal pedophile moohammad, a man moslims believe a prophet.

This islam it considers all non-moslems to be infidels and is on a clash with Western Cvilistaion and Western Democracy, not all moslems will become an enemy of the West some might even become an ally Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Rushdie, Sarah Haider, Tarek Fatah etc and so many others may become an ally or friend of the West, however islam is still garbage and wrong, just as the Aztec had garbage in the culture, just as Communist death camps in the USSR were wrong, islam is one of the great wrongs. When islamists are not engaged in direct warfare they are instructed by their book to defeat the enemy through lies the lying, propaganda and deception but also by Hijrah, also spelled Hejira or Hijra by way of immigration. The so called religion of isalm is simply a bad religion, and this muhummed was a bad dude with a dumb religion. We should be allowed call out islam just as doomsday cults and how the aztec culture of almost demonic human sacrifice was a terrible thing on humanity, we should be allowed criticze garbage barbaric cultures there is nothing wrong with dislikes or hating or likes or love for certain things or cultures, you should be allowed praised and also critize whatever history, foods or culture or religion you wish and have this freedom of speech.

From what I seen this morning there is a guy in NewZealand, maybe foreign Aussie some kind of psycho killer, an interwebs shit poster and a mass murdering freak. I assume he's a white dude from the brief snap shot or photo I seen, looks like a young Bush or that Mark Strong, that bad guy actor you see in the movies, he might have camo and a shit ton of guns I can not get any vid to load correctly. There could also be a second shooter on the run but the media won't have the details, maybe heavy.com or twitter if I can get the damn page to load.

This is a bad event, I doubt he actually shot many terrorist and I'm sure most of the people shot were innocent or just happened to be in that place. Some trolls and shit posters might post comments but usually these always events turn out worse for everyone. Less rights for people in NewZealand and the Western world, leftists screaming against their native countries and wanting more globalism and more multi cultural nightmares, less freedom for people in the West and New Zealand.

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It's because if they read the shooters' manifesto, and see her name, and see what happened to her, a hell of a lot more people will be fucking angry as shit.

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Stay low, guys...this isn't what it looks like. Always look first at what the (((money))) is doing. The jewish media is all over this, while the yellow vests are suppressed for 20 weeks straight. They just sacrificed a bunch of muzzies to get your guns, your money and your freedom.

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If the yellow vests had killed 50 in a mosque they would have covered it.... I get your skepticism though.

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It's not about what they did, it's the conspiracy of organized jewish crime that manages to let media, politics and military conspire together to suppress a 20 week long revolution on global scale from the public eye. That treachery against humanity and the war crimes committed here, should tell you what we all have to face soon. And now we have a bunch of Muslim sacrifices in New Zealand, by a guy who wrote a manifest, in which he mentions the jews once...when he said he isn't anti-Semitic.

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What, in your opinion, would be an attack that meets your requirements for not being a false flag? Do you think the situation will be resolved without violence?

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Oh, I'm all for violence, that's not the issue here. To navigate this world you have to assume everything wrong until it's been proven right. Why? Because we are up against international ,trillion dollar indoctrination media, backed by organized crime, military and science, which is also operating in one way or another for thousands of years. They literally control nearly 8 billion human beings with false information, and they are bat shit insane to the point where they put hints into movies to show us their upcoming crimes. It's a game for them. So what can I say...be aware, your live depends on it.

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How did that turned out for the 50 dead muzzies?

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She was owed this. And more. It will never be enough.

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Amen. She is owed a lot fucking more. That bill will never be paid in full

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You are correct 'Choke. The (((elite))) know it is going to take some time to breed out the warrior and high intelligence of the white male but, it will eventually happen.

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Just a thought but when people on social media start going on about how tragic the NZ shooting was just start posting pictures of white victims of terrorist attacks and then mention Newton's 3rd law.

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Please do not forget that the Muslim invaders vandalized her grave. And Swedish authorities did nothing.


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Remember the Alamo and remember Ebba

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I almost sold the Alamo to an Indian telemarketer today. She wanted to buy my house on the cheap so I told her about another property I owned in Texas with a central location in San Antonio that is in need of renovation. After she looked it up she said we don't buy museums and I said I don't care what you do with it once you buy it. She finally got that I was fucking with her and speedily thanked me and wished me a good day. Fucking vultures.

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Ebba 4 Eva.

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