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War. War never changes...

Err... I haven't been a gamer since Fallout Tactics and Fallout 2 was the greatest RPG ever made.

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They were ok, but I was always more a Fallout 1 kinda guy myself.

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Fallout 1 was a great game in its time, but 2 is still great. It plays well in WINE and every once in a while I'll still revisit it.

Fallout Tactics was the final straw that made me no longer be a gamer of any kind. I still get drunk and play video game golf, but that's like twice a year.

I have thought about investing in a very serious driving sim setup, complete with a seat that moves on two axis. (It is really axes, as the plural to axis, but that just confuses people.)

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First time I heard it, I thought she said "Catch me outside", that would have made SOME sense. But "Cash me outside", can somebody translate ghetto, what the hell does that mean?

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That's the meaning of what she said, but she was speaking in ebonics, so it sounded like cash.

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Ping me when when the translation comes in please

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Now that would be a high-selling survival horror game.

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Proceeds to kill every single person left in the Wasteland

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He would be about 100 years old.

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