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Linking to a kiked Honeypot haaretz site? Hows the weather in Tel Aviv Rabbi?

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The weather is splendid today, goy. I have twelve Bris to attend. yummy and shaloms

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The best redpills come from the Jews themselves, so no reason to discount Haaretz. However OP is a faggot for not uploading it to imgoat and using that.

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Sorry dude, was at work & imgoat was down. Shalom

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He shouldn't?

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Yeah man. Archive.is or imgoat are better hosting sites.

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Lazio fans have a long history of racism and anti-Semitism: In this 1998 file photo, they display banners from the stands reading "Auschwitz is Your Homeland. The Ovens are Your Homes"

The aftermath (NYT) where the team wore Anne Frank shirts etc.

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That's indicating the lie is true. They should have said the Holocaust was a Lie

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Just shows how much more woke we are today to the great lie than even 25 years ago.

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I've an even better idea:

Holocaust hadn't happened, but it should have.

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I know, shit this like this grins my gears

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The two biggest football clubs in Rome are Lazio and A.S. Roma. Lazio fans are fascists and A.S. fans are communists. They are not larping. Fight all the time. I can tell you stories about the time we befriended some Lazio supporters on vacation in Italy in the early 90s. Coming from cucked Holland, my mind was blown that they are openly fascist and get away with it. No surprise that Salvini can do what he does now.

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Where can I get some Lazio jerseys?

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The jews do it to themselves all the time. They then cry antisemitism and you see it frontpage the next morning.

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We jews must build holocaust museums there, and start teaching holocaust in schools to educate these greasers about us jews!!

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Spicy lika da Lamborghini !!!!

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The one time Italians mean to burn something in the oven.

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Paolo Di Canio

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Wow, when was this?

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Paolo Di Canio also played for the world famous Glasgow Celtic

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The mad man couldnt help it.

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Bring it back

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Based and redpilled.

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Omg that made my day!!!

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