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Those pods explode with the coolest audible "POP!" as well. Touching the spines made my fingers feel weird.

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Don Juan was afraid of Datura. That should tell you something...

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Me and some friends found some of this stuff when we were young and dumb. You can smoke it or ingest it.. never tried smoking it. If you eat the seeds, you get hit with the worst dry mouth ever and some bad vomiting. The trip is odd.. seeing stuff that isn't there, people that aren't there. Can make you think you are dialing a phone but it's just your hand kind of stuff.. ended up ducking my head in and out of the bathroom for about half an hour after getting freaked out over the giant red lobster claw reaching out of the sink (it turned out to be a red towel on the sink). Also makes it hard to read for 2 to 3 days after. Would not recommend. Stuff can kill you I hear, and I wouldn't doubt it, though we survived.

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i ate some seeds once upon a time. the package said "danger: very poison". I ate like 8 or so, and blacked out for 18 hours. i woke up in bed feeling dried out and like shit. nothing in my apartment was a miss, so idk what happened

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I've heard this one makes a trip absolutely terrifying in the worst way possible. I believe it's a deleriant, and not a hallucinogen.

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Ive heard most people die when trying. I have found Datura growing naturally.