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Hate really takes a lot out of you.


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Heat, you switched some letters there.


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Nah guy was actually suffering from hate stroke.


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Just instantly downvoted is that how things work here too? Don't like an opinion just downvote it instead of understanding it or arguing it. Don't let reddit faggotry take root here. Here are some more super fun examples of blacks treating whites real nicely. Find me examples like this of the opposite. Lets stop pretending blacks don't have some major fucking issues with violent crime, especially race based.


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I down voted you because your comment didn't contribute to the actual post. If you want to talk about black violence, make your own post.


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I'm really thinking some ones feathers have been rumbled.


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But this post is not about black violence, It was actually sending quite a positive message of a guy helping another guy. But lets get our agenda out there to start bashing on a group of people.

As for your point I get it some racist black guys beat on some white guys, The opposite is also true but that probably doesn't fit what you are trying to do here so forget I mentioned that.


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Africa for the Africans, China for the Chinese, America for everyone, Europe for the Muslims. Why don't white people deserve their own lands? Why is it on us to let in people that hate us even though we give them access to one of the best countries in the world.

And one fucking cherry picked example of a black person doing something nice to one of the worst examples of a white person that liberals can think of doesn't negate the fact that blacks are murdering, robbing and raping at magnitudes of order higher than any other race. You guys are as bad as reddit. The KKK isn't out murdering, robbing and raping people they are no where near as violent as an average member of a bad black neighborhood. INB4 ad hominem, sarcasm and just in general anything people can do to avoid having to process this information. Some more fun examples of how nice blacks are to white people. And btw hate is better than being blind as fuck to what is happening around you while the states with large proportions of blacks get raped in the ass and turned into third world shitholes.


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Fuck off, you racist cunt.