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along with your bike

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Semi truck driver on highway sees a little black kid walking his bike, thumb out, hitchhiking a ride.

Trucker slows to a stop “whatcha doin’ kid?”.

“Riding to grammas house when my chain broke, mister.”

“Okay, get in the back with your bike.., I’m hauling bowling balls and i’m In a hurry!”

Kid loads bike and off they go down the highway, speeding along. Next thing the state troopers pull the truck over.

“Where you goin’ In such a hurry, son?” asked the trooper.

Trucker explained that he was late for a delivery, trooper said “open up that trailer, let’s see what you got in there”.

Trucker opened the door, the trooper had one look and slammed it shut again, yelled “Don’t you move!” , then ran back to his cruiser.

Trooper on radio to headquarters, “QUICK! Send the army! I just pulled over an eighteen wheeler hauling a full load of nigger eggs and one of them hatched and already stole a bike!”

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Thanks, I'm going to borrow that for later.

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That nigger stole my bike!

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That nigger stole my bike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFHleKymNpI

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bike stealing intensifies

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Niggers will steal anything. If they can get one dollar for it they will destroy your property without hesitation. That is why I must develop this virus.

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Niggers will steal anything.


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Drug addicts will steal anything.

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I am working on a hemoglobin cell deformation red blood cell pathogen.

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not a virus--genetic adaptation to prevent malaria (but with leathal results).

worst part about that: I saw recently it can be cured with bone marrow transplants (testing at a questionable success rate). What other patients would be getting that marrow?

just clean up the genepool guys--and all (((they))) do is muddy the waters: to lurk in

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Do it!!! Also, while you're at it, make a kike virus too!!

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if that ever happened, I wouldn't mind so much blacks stealing my tools, things would be so different that I could then legally track down and shoot the one who did it

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That will be my next project. I am close, so close.

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Stick with AIDS. It's everywhere in Africa, and half of all gay/bi black men in the US already have HIV.

The white women sleeping with black men aren't getting any dick from white men anyway.

It's almost completely isolated to the undesirables anyway.

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I like when they try to steal live copper wire.

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Less funny when they steal live copper pipe.

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Both are hilarious!

They're terrified of water.

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Which is again less funny than niggers caught stealing by an armed owner.

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Ah, the good ol' urban fireworks show.

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I explore a lot of abandoned places. When I was a kid I used to go to construction sites at night and just play around- not break anything or vandalize- just look around. One time I got chased off by a security guard that said he thought we were stealing tools. I had no idea that was a thing until then. What the hell would a kid want with some used tools?

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They keep explosives on construction sites sometimes too...

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That would have been a lot more fun

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Attach a dildo to it and ram it up your asshole? That’s what I heard most people do

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Who doesn't like a dildo saw?

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Asking for a friend,right,m.s? Also, dont be a heroin addict, be a speed & prOn addict,you see more shit just layin' around, & you can gather it up a LOT faster!Amirite?

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The hilarious thing about this is, every tool stolen can be replaced with new tools for less than what it'll cost to buy them used from a pawn shop. Which now begs I ask the question, if it's cheaper for me to buy my tools new, than to buy them through a pawn shop, how are pawn shops absorbing this potential loss of income?

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I've been told they don't actually make their money selling things, at least not publicly. Most of their money apparently comes from addicts on the edge of poverty who constantly pawn their same beloved possessions over and over and then pay to get them back.

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I doubt that would create enough revenue to pay to keep a pawn shop open with fencing hot merchandise though. Best guess, they're laundering money for drug and people traffickers. The pawn shops provide a plausible front for creative book keeping and seeing known criminals on video walking in and out of a pawn shop in police surveillance doesn't draw too much suspicion if the men coming in have a cover story consistent with fencing stolen goods.

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If true, that would explain my observation that when it comes to hunting and fishing gear, the pawn shop prices are usually 10% to 20% higher than going to a real dealer and buying new.

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Yea, they sell old laptops for more than new

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I just walk out of pawn shops with shit. The do literally nothing but yell at me in Spanish.

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Not true. I buy some highly specialized tools for a fraction of new cost from the Pawny Tribe.

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They're generally willing to haggle as well. The "sticker" price is often just whatever they decided the MSRP should be. You can make out like a bandit on some things at hock shops, especially specialized tools.

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Do you think it's because they don't know the value of it? Is it something that would easily come up on a web search?

As others have said, it seems more like the high prices are to attract junkies. It makes them think they'll get a better deal for whatever they're selling.

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Old American-made tools cannot be compared to Harbor Freight shit. Tradesmen, and others who make their living with tools seek out the best tools.

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Tradesmen, and others who make their living with tools seek out the best tools.

Maybe thats how things were done a century ago, but nowadays it's common to go for the cheapest shit because it'll just get stolen anyway.

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.... how the fuck is this new information

Heroin addicts have been doing that shit for decades.

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I actually learned something from those people. Two things. I learned I don’t want to be a heroin addict I worked with one at a construction job always throwin up his food cause he would buy some opanas at lunch eat then boom toss up. Then I learned to sell copper. I can find copper all the time. Just layin around Iv found probably 80-90 pounds so far. I don’t know how much I’ll get but I know if it’s worth a crack heads time is probably worth somethin.

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gotta call bs on you just finding it lying around, not breaking into buildings to take it

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Your copper bounty is worth currently $2.30 lb on average for wire and pipe, it's also worth your time taking with permission of course the wire sparks don't want because they can't burn the insulation. Decent wire strippers there more good copper for your collection.

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see now when i was an apprentice many years ago (i worked for a us owned petrochem company at a refinery nearby), when we used to do demolitions all the larger cables we removed would be put into a storage area. then on days when it rained like fuck we would sit in the area and strip the copper out.

used to be enough to pay for our yearly christmas party

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Heroin addicts aren't 13% of the population.

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it's not new info, just a perfect picture

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I guarantee that bike is stolen

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Africa gets western tools donated, refurbished, and sent to them by the bucketload via charitable organizations, tonnes of stuff every year, all for free, and they still can't make shit.

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