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We let them. We're smartening up, but it's close to too late.

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we're still alive. it's not over yet.

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It's never too late. The problem is people focused on trying to revive a mystical past instead of creating an even better future.

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I think you mean mythical.

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Came here to say the first part, they took nothing, were given everything for free with a cherry on top by week whites

The second part I don't agree with, Europe/USA is less white every day and I see no stop to it.

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1 individual white is worth 10 browns on the battlefield. A group of 10 whites, working together on a battlefield is worth HUNDREDS of browns. I firmly believe that 100 organized whites could defend or recapture any major city in America.

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100 in NYC? Yeah you are retarded

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There's an american flag AND a cross.

Super cute pic.

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This can't possibly be real, there's no band of insolent niggers dancing on the tables.

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Yea everytime I look at a an old yearbook or old pictures. Shit even from say the 70s-80s compared to today I get so fuckin jealous

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The Hart/Celler act, the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 took care of that. The actual movers behind that piece of treason was (((Emanuel Celler))) and (((Jacob Javits))) both of New York. (((Celler))) had been working for 40 years to overturn the Reed/Johnson immigration act of 1924. The drunken, dope addled POS, Teddy Kennedy, was used as a mouthpiece and loudly proclaimed that the "Reform Act" would never, ever, result in any change in the US demographics.

The progressive and RINO (read kiked) congress passed the bill overwhelmingly and the great traitor, LBJ, signed it into law while getting his little butcher shop in Vietnam rolling. The kikes want the US to be a balkanized shitskin shithole and everything is lining up nicely for that with a progressive and RINO (read kiked) congress, same as in 1965. Our kike butt licking president is declaring that we need millions more "legal" shitskins while giving lip service to closing the Southern border.

Forget it, people, the US is history. In 50 more years congress and the supreme court will be majority shitskins and kikes. I won't see it but I did get to see America's golden age. Post WW II until Vietnam. It was grand, people.

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The actual movers behind that piece of treason was

So some Jew wanted it. Who the fuck cares. Nothing would have happened if a majority of white male senators didnt vote for it.

The kikes want the US to be a balkanized

They cant get it if the white americans dont vote for it.

Our kike butt licking president

Then elect a non-kike-butt-licking president.

the US is history.

The US was history the moment the first election was held 1788. As soon as you gave some white males the vote, they immediately passed it to niggers and women.

Post WW II until Vietnam.

In retrospect, nothing was grand back then, all the seeds of the later leftist epidemic were already in place, voting niggers, voting women, jew media. After Vietnam or even later we just witnessed a mass outbreak, but the infection happened long, long before that.

Hell, the fact that the US fought the WW2 on the side of the Bolsheviks and against Hitler tells you how rotten and pozzed we have been long before WW2.

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No-hurry wrote: "In retrospect, nothing was grand back then..."

How the fuck would you know, dipstick? Did you live it? I damn sure did and I'm not talking out of my ass like you are. That was a time of a single income buying a house, a car and supporting a family. Women kept the household and had kids.

What did I tell you about the democrat/progressives having a super majority in both houses of congress? The kikes introduced whatever they wanted and the treasonous sonsabitches voted it into law. Everybody watched and believed Wally Wonderful and Eric Syphilis on the then new electric Jew.

You've got your head in your ass, dipstick.

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(and women voters)

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Look at the cross in the school the jews demanded be removed first. They are the servants of Satan.

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(to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)


I see Germans and Frenchmen and Swedish and Scots,

Some Irish and Dutchmen, bloody English and Franks

But do you believe...

I don't see 'ny coloreds at all!


Europe, the greatest homeland

Had the strongest blood around

And if you saw their cities

You would know they were the best


All of the other peoples

Cried and jeered in jealousy

For they can't do what we could

Even with longer hist'ries


Once so many years ago

Hitler came to say,

"Europe, with your fire so bright

Let me guide us toward the light!"


Then how the leftists screamed

Backed by money from afar,

And men who should've known be'er

Fell for their hateful schemes


Now ours is a grim future

One in which our way is lost

Awful times make men stronger

But will it be enough...


Hope for a black sun rising

A last light before the dark

For we, children of Europe,

Our last stand 'gainst the night

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