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Hitler's main platform was against banking regulation and usury. 0% home loans and business credit is the only argument to have a central bank. That message would resonate today.

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Modern conservacucks actually like lending and speculation in real estate, thinking it makes them rich as it sterilizes them. This works on East Asians just as much as whites. It's so destructive that even socialized/nationalized housing does less damage to the population, the one single thing the Soviets got right.

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But did Hitler's main platform discuss ending the cause of those symptoms: jewish central banking?

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Yes. Have you read his platform?

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Genuine question: How would money lending work without usury? Is it a case of you are lent $20 and you'll repay $1 in 22 installments or something else?

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It doesn't and it shouldn't. Originally usury meant lending with interest, btw.

Money lending is not needed. There is no instance of a case of lending money with interest, where another practical solution wouldn't be better.

What money lending (with interest) does is it dis-associates the involved parties.

(I am ready to discuss this further.)

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Usury is excessive interest, over the market value.

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I strongly suggest taking a look at Gottfried Feder's Manifesto for the Abolition of Interest-Slavery

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Usury is only high interest, not any interest. For instance, no one would bitch about interest if it was only accounting for inflation + 1%-2% for profit. But, when you have a market where 10% is considered good (you can find better, but not by too much) for someone with an above average credit score for a personal loan, and we haven't seen inflation go above 4% in in almost 30 years, the bullshit is obvious.

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This is what made me wake up from the brainwashed state I was in. The gate that opened realization into the depth of the endless lies which has been used to brainwash us. That moment I realized Hitler was just a normal guy who didn't want to be bullied by global banksters, The betrayal shame I felt for disliking Hitler and nazis for decades is something which will forever be a lesson. Logos and facts research is the only way to go. Trust no one.

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Anyone else longing for this kind of unity?

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It will happen again. White people are nice, until they aren’t.

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Sadly it will never happen again. That kind of unity can only happen in a homogenous society. In addition to high-IQ whites, the US is stacked with niggers, gooks, beaners, and goatfuckers, all who have different backgrounds, histories, cultures, and most of which hate each other.

Feminism, tranny propaganda, and most other forms of jewish degeneracy are reversible. None of these are a big deal in the long run. However, there the one single thing that will take down western civilization is (((diversity))) and (((multiculturalism))).

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That’s so beautiful... look at what we lost

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sure beats watching niggers toss around a ball

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Oyyyyy Vey, what does "Fight the Boycott" mean? What boycott? Oyyyyyyyy!

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I honestly don’t know what it means. Can you please educate me. I’m serious. Not being sarcastic or trolling.

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I assume it's in reference to the boycott the Jews created and suckered the rest of Europe, outside of Germany and Italy, to enforce on German products and resources.

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Beautiful to see Thor’s Hammer between the American flags.

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Hitler wanted nothing to do with the German American Bund. Neither would I.

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I heard it was anywhere from 20 to 6 gorillion nazis they are pervasive and that’s why we waged war on our white brothers

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