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"Fuck off, we're full" -The Lord

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Yep, I do recall having said that at some point.

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Someone please put this up on the sign at that super cucked Methodist Church across from the Supreme Court building.

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How gay is this

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0% gay

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put them every 100 feet along the new wall.

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You don't want to let the hordes of demons and damned into Heaven?

That sounds pretty hellphobic of you.

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True stuff there!

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If you want in, just use the big, beautiful door!

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“We moved toward the city, secure in our holy cause, and beheld such a fortress."

We came unto a noble castle's foot,

Seven times encompassed with lofty walls,

Defended round by a fair rivulet;

This we passed over even as firm ground;

Through portals seven I entered with these Sages;

We came into a meadow of fresh verdure.

There is a place in Hell called Malebolge,

Wholly of stone and of an iron colour,

As is the circle that around it turns.

Right in the middle of the field malign

There yawns a well exceeding wide and deep,

Of which its place the structure will recount.

Round, then, is that enclosure which remains

Between the well and foot of the high, hard bank,

And has distinct in valleys ten its bottom.

As where for the protection of the walls

Many and many moats surround the castles,

The part in which they are a figure forms,

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