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Well done.

It took a second look to see the happy merchant.

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Its a lot easier to see in the thumbnail, op should have marked it nsfw to hide the joke

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Wish I could take credit, but found it on a chan.

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they poison the rest

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Funny, reminds me a of a clip from an interview with American Jews.

Why would we move to Israel? So we can work? You live there with only Jews so you must get a job doing labor.

They literally cannot function without parasitism.

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Kosher Nostra taxes us to bless our own food....look out for halal too.

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They make an app to detect it too.

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But this is how we know they aren’t laden with the same shit that turns the frogs gay

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I used to unironically think this. But it's come up multiple times how Israeli jews have just as much contempt for American jews as they they do the goyim, if not moreso— "traitors get the rope first," etc. I'm switching to a local approach. Hell, I even make my own condiments, now. If it's not going to guarantee any kind of safety, I'd might as well stop paying the kike tax. Takes, like, fifteen minutes to make a litre of mayo.

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The fuck is a "litre"?

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Eat liver. True human food.

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So I have to quit the KKK?

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The Kriminal Kosher Kabal? Oy vey!

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Well, sure. But I don't see very many people picking up military-grade jew weapons from their local Whole Foods; aside from the obvious biological-warfare staples like HFCS and soy.

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If anything, this would be a way of marking which foods are safe.

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