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Almost 100-year-old rare pelt from an extinct Tasmanian tiger worth $250,000 is discovered in unwitting shop owner's drawer after 30 YEARS


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there have been plenty, if irregular sightings of them since by reputable people, rangers etc - there is a chance they are still out there somewhere

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It has been listed in pretty much every cryptozoology text for quite some time. Always possible it still exists. The Coelacanth was presumed extinct for many millions of years until the right person saw a living one. The locals were aware it existed and caught it all the time, unaware that anyone would think it was special.

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an even better example i think is the Megamouth shark - a huge, distinct fish that lives in almost all the oceans and wasn’t discovered until 1976

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If it's worth so much why dont the Chinese clone it and bring them back?

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Ikr? same with the white man and all the white people afraid of having all their white folks genocided.. just clone em back

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There are still parts of the world that remain unexplored. In order to prove something does not exist, you must exist everywhere at once to verify.

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LOL.. ok so we dont know whether dinosaurs are extinct anymore, guys! .. this faggot thinks we have to inspect every square inch of the planet simultaneously to prove it..

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Dinosaurs aren’t extinct. We still have crocodiles, sharks, birds, etc.

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Fyi, people have been reporting sighting these awesome animals over the past few years. Even a recent photo was posted online. There may just be a population of them, a small one, growing. Which would be extremely interesting.

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just as zebras are painted horses, tasmanian 'tigers' are shaved and painted civets.

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painted civets? @gnashingoftheteeth

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Yeah definitely painted something... just kinda looks like a type of dog to me im not familiar with civets

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look up civets. see their loooong bodies with the bump in the back. see their racoonlike faces.

tasmanian tigers are painted civets. bet they got a shave and peroxide job first.