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It’s 👌 to be white.

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It's definitely fucking OK to be white. I love being white and family-centric. I will fucking push back against any bullshit pushing my white male into retrograde... But, family isn't based on any creed or color, bro.

Family is powerful because family is the stars, atoms, and universe.

Family is the sun. Family is the center. Family is everything Socrates, Pythagorean, Cartesian, and Quantum Everything....

Family is peace. Family is love. I want family for the earth. An earth of families would end fucking communism, socialism, fascism, and violent religions.

Family will save earth.

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No,in this brave new world. Whites should be massacred. Everyone besides whites hope whites are gone. world is against you whites.

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am disappoint, response lacks originality, lies flat, like pancake titties. go back to the drawing board.

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THIS is what liberals hate.

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There is nothing more loving than a white family is unified and on the same page.

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White bitches are the biggest sluts of all - I've fucked so many white whores who were all wet and willing just because jews told them they need to be more diverse. Make no mistake, your females are ours.

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Maybe this kind of beautiful thing is some proof that there is a God of some kind. Just a thought...

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I think believing in a "God" is silly but there is certainly something beautiful and... above the rest of the trash of this world about a unified, strong, virtuous white family and society.

We are meant to inherit the Earth or watch it burn without our stewardship.

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The average Liberal is so mentally dim it is laughable. They cant even understand the concept of tolerance, or survival. When asked what they stand for they never make any sense and everything that is spewed forth is "hate" of what they cant understand, comprehend or ever hope to be. Just look at Sandy Occasional-Cortex if one wants proof of mental capacity. IQ in her case stands for Idiot Quiz. for example 2+2 = Socialism

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People that aren't normal hate normal things.

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You are correct, they tend to have lack of intelligence to begin with, Liberal is another word for "failure" and excepting mediocrity

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I bet he is using KOSHER salt.

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Just think, to many American liberals, this picture is the most evil, hateful thing they can imagine.

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The photoshopped nigger on the lampshade is off-angle.

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