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it's not camping when you are doing it by force [in the great deression] faggots

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Camping trip, by John Steinbeck

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There's some notation regarding this photo that it took place at a county fair.

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You know it's authentic because no one's obese.

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You know it's authentic because it's in color.

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There was Kodachrome color slide film by 1940-I have slides my Dad's father took then.

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Looks less like camping and more like desperately fleeing to find work.

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Damn, imagine how much fun that was. A whole town driving out into the woods for the weekend and just hanging out. No TVs, maybe a couple radios for some music or news, just a good wholesome time.

Bet these things never got violent, even after heavy drinking.

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I would say these are "Okies" headed to California to escape the Dust Bowl, or to find work in factories out there. I doubt they are just camping for the weekend.

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When we went camping I would make it a point that I shut off my phone, every one else would be wondering around the camp looking for a signal....

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New Mexico 1940 license plates.

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Nice. My grandparents used to tell me the world has gone to shit. Now I find myself telling others the same. I wonder how the world was 20 generations back.

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20 generations is approx 400+ years ago. The world was a very different place, though many would be saying the same thing around the early 1600's about the world going to shit due to the extremes of the Catholic Church becoming widely public, Lutheranism was getting extremely popular and spreading more than ever and it wasn't long at all until large scale colonialism started to kick off and people fleeing en mass to escape Catholic dominance. A massive amount of Germans fucked off to the "new world" to escape prosecutions against Protestant Lutherans. If I recall... it was either the first draft of the American Constitution or perhaps it was the Declaration of Independence that was first circulated was written in German because the majority of the people in America spoke German as a first language at the time.

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I just see boomer feminists.

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