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oy vey its China who deals all the Fentanyl, goys!! oy vey stop with the jew hating. Its ignorant and what redneck hicks do. shaloms

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Mazel tov

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Follow the shekels

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I think anti-Semitism has dwindled off when it really should be reviving because these people are the filth of the earth.

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The Sackler family should be in prison with all their billions confiscated and used to fund rehab

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In all fairness, it is a useful drug. Their greed pushed the drug past into uses that destroyed lives.

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Oxycontin absolutely it is a useful drug that could have been marketed honestly as effective but highly addictive, like all opiods. However the Sacklers purposely misrepresented it as being non-addictive because it was time-released. They knew that was a lie but they were unconcerned about the long term effects because they only care about money. They are no better than street thug robbers who kill their victims and should be treated as such, except they have literally killed thousands of people.

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Too many words for a sign that size

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"Oy vey, why can't they go back to kicking over grave markers?"