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....have to be changed often and for the same reasons...oldie but a goodie!

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ginsberg was seen wearing one. hard to sit on the bench when you shit yourself all day. i think she shit herself to death

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Like that other NY judge
"Somebody needs to clean that up"

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> Shits self on bench

> Morbidly obese

> Arrogant, entitled bitch

> (((Shollenberger)))

Yup. Sounds about right.

And the whole "I want to work. Judges get sick all the time." argument was hilarious. That's like the 1200lb (now deceased) piece of shit in TX being all "I can sit up on my own! I'm just using the features on my bed!"

The vast majority of judges don't go on medical leave a week into the gig because they ate themselves into being unable to hold their bowels or even walk up three small steps. That creature has no intention of working. Why work when you get a six figure salary for doing nothing and everyone looks the other way?

Is that fat kike dead yet? If not, Lord Beetus has to at least be at the door.

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This kind of thought can only appear when the rulers and the rest are not one.

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If Obama was so great, then why is my pp smol?