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Instead of women glorifying the femininity they have, embracing the fact that they have many skills that men don't, they'd rather become a much shittier version of a Man with missing parts.

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"Woman cannot be superior except as woman, but from the moment in which she desires to emulate man she is nothing but a monkey." - Julius Evola

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Well, he's not wrong.

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Thank God there are still women like you.

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empress is a larping tranny

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Have you verified the +/- of a penis? Keep in mind that these days have 40601adzyxneb422u4 legally authorized genders.

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Do you know any woman that has ever gone into her garage to tinker up an invention?

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Nope, not a single one.

I did hear about that Elizabeth Holmes cunt who pretended she invented a way to do blood tests with a pin prick of blood but actually lied totally and lost investors billions. That’s what they get for investing in a female “engineer”.

I never invest in any company run by a woman, ever. They are just a less successful version of a man virtually every time.

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In women's tennis, I always root against the heterosexual

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No not personally. But there's always exceptions.

This lady tinkers with electronics in a garage: https://m.youtube.com/user/ContourCorsets

This one too: https://m.youtube.com/c/SexyCyborg

Though, uh, I'm not sure people watch Sexy Cyborg for her technical skills......

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That first link you posted of Fran, "she" is a man, if you watch her earlier videos she talks about it, She says she'e lived her life longer as a "woman" than she has as a man.

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or course theres exceptions. but on average its pretty bad. i can see in the workplace of software companies too, which hire them because of their gender. its close to the ratio of men beating women in sport which is.. high, higher than i imagined. maybe 1 every 50 women will work as hard with as much passion as the average white male engineer. its crazy if you ask me. id previously imagine most them do as well as men, unlike sports. but they dont. they just plain dont. leave early, chat all day, dont learn new tech, no drive, no passion

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Yes, one.

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A. Who the fuck is Bob Wallace?

B. It's through easy divorce, not though easy divorce.

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A Software developer? Idk... I noticed the error too.

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uncle Bob's treehouse. One of the best bloggers I've ever read. Stopped writing out of the blue. Come to find out he passed. I think his blog Is still up. Here: https://uncabob.blogspot.com/?m=1

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I'd rather pass than fail!

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I know man. Almost perfect

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Men: be the head of your wife. Forgive your mom and move on. Time to be a man

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Feminism, "men are pigs"

also feminism, "we want to be pigs too"

likewise men who make the same choices...

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Damn. Just damn.

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New to me. Saved. Thanks OP!

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