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Please tell me this is real Ive never bought a decorative doll before but ill make an exception for this

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Oh how I wish it was, I would have pulled the trigger already myself. Someone custom made it and sold it on ebay for $350.

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People spend fat money on the dumbest stuff

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You can build your own. That's why it has a 01.

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Toy donations.

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Is this about that tranny temper tantrum?

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Good stuff. thanx

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They should have put stubble on it.

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it is so funny when you watch that video only testosterone could create that kind of rage.

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Or nobody's ever said no to such creatures.

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testosterone creating rage

Your programming is showing

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Well, gamestop customers may be effectively extinct in the near future

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They are pretty much a pawn shop that sells some new stuff now imo. That's where they make all their money I would bet since the profit margin on new gaming items is so low. Give some dumb kid five bucks for a 40 dollar game. Sell "refurbished" units that pretty much just had a leaf blower taken to them. It's been their model for 20 years but people are waking up to it.

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Needs the adam's apple and more facial stubble.

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That dude is never going to be able to move past this.

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What is it with those strange looking toys? Millennials seem to love them. We have a 22yo female in out IT dept, nice girl (Caucasian) does her job well. She has 4 of them on her desk around her monitor.

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I had the Kiss figures and a few others. I have no idea how this fad hasn't completely imploded. I bought those Kiss figures for like $4 each and sold the set open with no boxes for $200 + import fees.

These things AREN'T exclusive in any manner. They make them for every single pop culture piece of shit you can imagine. I've seen them for obscure SNL skits even. Who the fuck actually wants Steve and Doug Butabi Pop figures? That shit was a lame skit and a bad movie 20 years ago. Pick a TV show and there's a Pop figure of it. It's unreal. I've got a Tom Servo that my friend gave me for Christmas and I want the Crow T. Robot, but that's because I've liked MST3K forever.

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As an older Millennial, they are basically the beanie babies of this generation. People are crazy over them for some reason, I will admit I have a few I have gotten as gifts from people who thought I would like them. Thinking about selling them on ebay before they go out of style. Millennials have been told to "express yourself" their whole lives and had consumerism shoved on them since birth. Kids have too many toys programming them to learn from Hollywood and not from going out to the garage with dad or grandpa and learning. After they "grow up" they must have all these toys to feel happy still, rather than learning the reward of working hard. They must have their treat to know they did a good job.

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You nailed it on the head son, and you are a genuine inspiration to your generation. Yup! - I can remember the Beanie Baby thing like it was Yesterday. Right out of college at my first job. Someone brought one of these things into the office (an uppity black girl) and all the women were loving it like it was a real baby. She later tried selling them at an inflated price an was told not to use the office as a place to make $$$ on the side. Bitch protested and left a few weeks later.

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It's weird. I agree. Is she a liberal? I feel these are more appealing to the liberal / sjw crowd.

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I have a co-worker that easily has 30 of these things in his cubicle. It looks ridiculous.

These people are funny to watch sperg out on their overpriced toys, here's an example


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I think we have the same coworker.

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