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(((They))) destroyed our Liberty. Now (((they))) want to destroy our Freedom.

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That sounds antisemitic goy

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It was an accident goys!!! Egypt did it!! oy vey Our poor pilots who did this need reparashuns because it was traumatic for them killing all of those American goys. shaloms

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Pass a bill for the US to pay reparations to the poor Israeli pilots. I'll sign it oy vey

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Yeah this is one thing that upset me about trumps speech the other night, he said we would never forget the victims of the USS Cole, when he said that all i could think about is the USS Liberty and how it’s Essentially forgotten outside of the voat sphere.

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To be fair, total faggot LBJ coordinated it.

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implying the American flag stands for Americans...

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implying america doesn't do the same shit

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