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Remove the word radical. It's just regular Islam.

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Adding "radical" to Islam is a favorite of cuckservatives everywhere. We can let in Muslims just as long as they're not RADICAL.

We should be telling them, FUCK YOU. You're incompatible assholes that don't belong here and some of you crazy fucks blow people up, mow them down with guns, or run over them with trucks. If any of you are good (I doubt it), you're going to have to suffer on account of the bad ones. Now FUCK OFF.

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Yeah they all need to go.

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I no longer believe in Freedom of Speech for enemies of the USA. This includes Muslims, Jews, Communists, Criminal Niggers, Radical Liberal Leftists, Feminists, Pedophiles, Trans / Homo Asslickers or any member of Antifa.

These scumbags have turned this once great country into a third world shithole. It used to be an honor to serve in the military to defend America. Now I wouldn't lift a finger to preserve the evil that America has become.

It's been ruined by allowing the enemies of our Constitution to use our Freedoms against US.

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You are too tolerant.

Enemies of western civilization must be met with more than just a suspension of free speech.

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If it's a government that allows communists to operate freely, it's going to be destroyed. Communists and especially those trying to subvert and spread propaganda need to be dealt with harshly. The USA government did not do that, so we are where we are now, needing a new government that's willing to take care of business.

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Same, they don't believe in free speech for us.

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Free speech is sacred. So is freedom of association, and the right to overthrow a tyrannical government.

For some reason we have gotten so caught up in the speech thing and forgot about the others.

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So is the duty to kill our enemies.

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The Jews need us to fight Islam. We are being used and we have attacked muslims because the Jews bought our politicians. The anger of Muslims towards the West is justified. We need to unite against the Jew parasites and isolate them. Jews are a parasetic minority, the traitors on their payroll need to be executed.

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The jews dont want us to fight islam. They want the sunnis to destroy us because they are much easier to control. They have very significant issues with controlling white Europeans many times, not even considering the holocaust.

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The bill of rights is only for whites. Everyone else is an outgroup and should be treated as such.

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What about the other amendments?

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We have moved far beyond that old saying.

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This concept only applies to whites and maybe honorary whites who dont fuck shit up.

Islam is not one of those.

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Remove the word ‘radical’ from the comic and it’s spot on.

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