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While taking an honest look at 20th century reveals that the Nazis neither created WWJew nor were they the monsters everyone makes them out to be, saying they were the peak of civilization is not true. They still had issues endemic to Socialism, like the fact that a citizen's life had zero value unless it had value to the state. Which is why Nazis murdered disabled Germans who were not productive for the state, which is a fact. If you think this is "peak civilization", you are just a low-tier Commie Faggot at heart.

The truth shouldn't convert you to a fanboi, it should open your eyes to the truth.

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During that time period, eugenics was still a novel concept and all the rage in many countries including the US. Now, the Jews are using dysgenics as a weapon against the US and the EU. Isn't the world grand.

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The best example of dysgenics was Soviet Union, though.

Vodka Vasja Bljat!

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Man those folks knew how to throw a rally though. I still get a chuckle over jesse owens saying he was treated better at the 36 Olympics in Berlin than he ever was in america.

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That's because it was a myth that nazis were racist, they had black people integrated into their armies.

I remember in elementary school, they had anti nazi propaganda and they claimed everyone without blonde hair and blue eyes would be killed, then singled out those of us who wouldn't be killed (I was one).

Ok, but Hitler didn't have blonde hair or blue eyes, if I saw Hitler today I'd question if he was even white, especially if he had a tan.

The reality is most progressive socialists back then worshipped Hitler and thought he was doing great things.

It has taken 80 years of lies and propaganda trying to convince people of every possible terrible thing, with progressive socialists controlling every facet of media and government, to deceive the public on this.

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America was known for treating black people like shit.

Black people everywhere also treat black Americans like shit.

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Killing retards isn't showing mercy, it's costs cutting. Caring for developmentally disabled people is extremely intensive both in financial terms and man hours. If you are willing to toss aside an inherent value for human life or put the State's interests above it, then murdering all the developmentally disabled people is absolutely a no-brainer. Of course, now you have a much bigger problem in that you've agreed to human life being valued in terms of benefit/cost to the State.

Had the Nazi regime lasted more than a couple decades, this would have inevitably bared down on the German people with absolute brutality. Only a matter of time. You could argue they did this only in preparation for the war they knew was coming, given their economic state, but that wouldn't matter.

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The Reasons for Admission list is the list of normal life these days....the lunatics are now running the assylum.

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I don't necessarily agree. Please also remember we should look at the third reich from two standpoint: prewar and war. They were different regimes imo

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Peak civilization was USA pre-1965 though you USA pre 90s was still bitchen.

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What kind of shit are people smoking here? I admit there are some good fascinating things about German culture but lets deal with facts and reality. Got their asses totally fucking kicked in WW1, now they have feral half arab half negro Rhineland Bastards running around the streets during the 1930s as their people were either beat and raped or their stoned drunk women willingly opened their legs, an economy in the shitter and bleeding out, everyone is high on drugs and partying as the currency collapsed, Adolf will come along get his ass whopped in Stalingrad, has this dumb idea of a multi cultural fascist empire wants to ally with Somali, Turks, Ethiopians, Street shitting Indians and form his own failed version of the Empires France and Britain created, blamed every thing on Jews like the dumbass jihadi ragheaded Arabs try to do, a bunch of old senile dumb Bismarck and Kaiser wandering around like old perverted cosplayers, the new bunch 1930s they form a weird Occult religion that makes little sense many of their nationalist socialist and religion leaders are drug addicts, so stoned out of their minds they thought some White dude could outrun a Negroid at the Olympics in a 100 m dash and the Jumping contest. They soon started a War with EVERYONE Czechs, Polish, North Africans, Russians, British, French, Arabians, Indians, Asians, Slovaks you name it they got stuck in it including starting a war with the greatest nation the United States of America? was there any front these morons didn't open up and attack? People literally going around with wheel barrows full of cash to buy a loaf of bread and burning stacks money like the do in Zimbabwe today... 1930s i'm sure some good things might have also happened but it is also noted as the peak of propaganda and retardation

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100% Jew control is peak civilization? USA just had a good economy because of the war industry back then.

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If it has to be USA I would say about 1910 when large numbers of scientists engaged in national eugenics projects and actively promoting eugenic legislation.

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It had more than a just good economy. The culture was still worth a damn. There’s a reason I said pre1965.

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Not even close to germany back then, their engineering was ridiculously advanced.

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And US engineering post WWII was more advanced then theirs, yes they gobbled up the best scientists and engineers the Nazis, but that is also beside the point as the US also performed incredible engineering during and per-WWII, look at the golden gate bridge which was built in 1933, Hoover dam 1935, Crystler Building 1928 and Empire State Building 1931, Panama Canal 1914. I mean for fuck sake, the US was the driving force behind the development of skyscrapers and the battle for the tallest building in the world was really just an internal pissing match between New York and Chicago during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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What a stupid title. These fags look like a white version of North Korea. The pinnacle of man has nothing to do with government.

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Standing in a muddy feild worshiping a government is the furthest thing from an ideal society.

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Looks like North Korea !!!!

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Looks like Zepelinfeld in Nurnberg.

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I honestly believe that among all white men, german reached the highest peak, german engineering was the absolute peak. No other whites come close.

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