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The one with Acosta at a Prison Wall saying "See, no one is breaking out of prison, the wall is completely uneeded"

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Acosta is borderline brain dead

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ALL “media” is dirty-gypsey-jew psyop gaslighting.... jews are a tribe of north african gypseys who create false “commodities”, false “laws”, false “medias”, false “gods” in order to swindle/extort/blackmail foreign nations out of their intrinsic resources....

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No one is currently trying to rob me. Better ban all guns.

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Dear Diary, today I watched CNN but saw no news. What's the point of CNN really?

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To Propagandize the masses of Sheep. Actually MSNBC is far worse than CNN.

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Bring back Crassus Roman Republic private fire brigades where they will haggle with homeowners the price of saving your house from fire

The magic of the invisible free market will sort this shit out

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Jimmy is currently not actively masturbating, having sex or urinating. Better castrate him.

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Hilarious analogy

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Is he promoting Ray-Ban with their permission?

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Ray-Ban is owned by Luxxotica, which controls something like 80% of the world's eyewear market, a de facto monopoly (which is why people pay $200 for essentially $5-at-most-to-make plastic frames with a logo on them).

Luxxotica's chairman is (((Leonardo Del Vecchio))), a direct descendant of jewish-italian rabbis as far back as the 17th century. I'm quite certain they don't mind Jimmy "Look at me, I'm Jim Acosta, look at me" Acosta promoting their products, especially given the state of the EU and Italy's stances on migrants.

If you absolutely love the Aviator design and you don't like gas-station cheapos, or if you enjoy luxury designer eyewear for whatever reason, here are some non-Luxxotica alternatives (presented in no particular order):

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(I have no affiliation with RE)

I had some Randolph Engineering sunglasses about 5 years ago, but I lost them in a car shuffle + cross country move. They were a little more expensive when I replaced them, but they are the best sunglasses I've ever owned. I'm happy to give a US company my money.

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List of stuff I won't buy now is growing everyday. But, nothing I can't do without.

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Abilio's the only person I've seen who looks demonstrably less cool wearing sunglasses. I don't even think that wardrobe choice had anything to do with how bright it was out that day; I think he was wearing them like glasses that don't have lenses in them: just a way to make you seem like something you're not.

I just love how their attempts to disprove Trump's position on the border and illegal immigration only reinforce the fact that it's a BIG problem that needs to be solved, and COULD be solved if the Dems didn't need brown people streaming over the border to keep their party on life support.

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