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Yes I remember their revolution. I also remember that it featured executions of children, yes, children. Also plenty of older people of course. Gotta be fair and balanced, you know. Islamic justice at its finest.

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How do we know children were excuited? The media told us? George bush senior said the iraq soldiers where tsking babies out of their incubators and smashing them on the ground and that led us right into the first gulf war am i really supposed to believe they were executing children?

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I saw photographs of the children. Photos of the executions taking place and photos of the bloody bodies. And this was a long damn time before Photoshop. Also, it's just as foolish to think the media lie all the time as it is to think they never lie. The idea is to compare multiple sources of information and never rely on just one source, nor to ignore what has happened in that region in history. Past behavior, past history, they are pretty good predictors of future behavior.

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Photos from this time make me think of Spain or Italy, maybe Greece.

I believe you could show this photo to most people, and they would never guess that it was somewhere in the middle east.

It's amazing how fast things change in this era.

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Fucking ((((CIA)))))

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Iran = Aryan The better revolution to show would be when the CIA couped Mossadegh, who dared to NATIONALIZE Iran's oil resources, about 25 years before this revolution against the AMERICAN BACKED SHAH Iranians are whiter than Iraqis, Sauds, Turks, probably even most Syrians.

That is because the VOLGA empties into the Caspian Sea, A medieval highway between Iran and Russia.

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but according to the liberals in the West, wearing a hijab or burkha is a sign of how revered women are in islamic society so it should be encouraged. all these iranian women must have been right wing bigots who don’t truly support the religion of peace

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Have you heard the one where ugly chicks get treated no different than pretty sand niggers cause their face is covered. The tents they wear kinda hide blubber too.

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yeah, its kind of a thing here in the uk that the white women who convert to islam to get a husband tend to be the fat ugly ones no-one else wants. Some of the muslim girls can be really pretty and stylish, at least in their early 20s, but every 'white muslim' I have seen has been a bit of a biffer. Weirdly though, whenever you see the white guys who have converted to islam (you usually see them in the news following some ridiculously planned terror plot) they are also usually not only fat and ugly, but also ginger.

I guess islam just appeals to the lonely and socially inadequate with no self respect...

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The most radical elements always wins out. Same with the Bolsheviks.

The tsar was forced out in February by all segments of society. The Fucking commies seize power by force in October

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Its taking them a long time to get their freedom back. All those women would be old grandmas by now.

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Feminists don't seem to remember this part of history.

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