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Now show a map of all the Christian churches closing.

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according to them Christianity was so oppressive they claimed then and now they are one of the most surveilled countries in the world and they are on a point in which timmy have to ask the state permission to have a wank Lol

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The whole point of the surveillance state is to monitor and counter the native population in case they fight back against invaders on their own soil. The orwellian state is cover for a soft invasion. Religion is the excuse to control.

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That's a lot of bombing targets.

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More of a political sellout map.

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They are going to get the global caliphate that they want, if Westerners do not stop this insanity.

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I will be happy if all three abrhamic religions were wiped out.

[–] David_Duke_n_Friends 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

Yes liberalism as the nation wide “religion” is working great huh?

[–] draaaak 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Of course you would, @UltraRibbed.

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Why do you JIDF shills always say the same thing? I'm already waiting for you to use the JIDF terms, "Christcuck" or "Christfag".

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Jews are using Mohammadans to exterminate Christians

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Nice job Northern Ireland.

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for all the shit that country caused in the world, I really can't say I'm sorry for them

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You mean that fat zionist piece of shit Churchill that caused WW2? Yup, I hope all of his female descendants get culturally enriched.

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same culture that proclaimed to the 4 winds," God is dead" what could go wrong? God left the nation and 30-40 years later is a parody of itself

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Jihad-al-hijra - the war of immigration.

Look it up, it's real.

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