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Let's change "right wing" to "normal".

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How to deal with traitorous KIKE Politicians

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Radical Normal.

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The Jew truly fears the samurai

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from my experience with globalist jew type in Japan this is actually true, parts of Tokyo Roppongi for example are now flooded with Kenyan Negroids, Nigerians, Jewish smut pushing perverts and drug dealers and the Iranian type, a huge number of them are involved in criminality, mules for the Yakazua and such, cops turn a blind eye .... while any form of patriotism or nationalism scares the shit out of certain types. The government in general is not too bad, I do respect their policy on illegal immigrants anyone who fucks around and makes too many waves can be on a plane, deported and banned from Japan within 4 hrs. Its not a bad place Japan, its probably not going to change lots of Americans and ex-Pats go SJW and want to make it more Western or multi cultural yet they retain their own strong culture but if you are not ethnically one of them you will be never accepted as Japanese. . . By no means a perfect country but Overall I like them.

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Kenyan & Iranian

Those people got in because the japanese government goofed up pretty hard in the 80s. Not sure why these 2 nations specifically, but they've been there for decades. They nipped it in the butt pretty fast though.

Japanese people completely ignore the nigerians though, it's like they don't even exist.

e lots of Americans and ex-Pats go SJW and want to make it more Western or multi cultural

I know a bleeding heart girl that went to teach English over there, she was dissapointed because she felt that people discriminated against her in the job market, she couldn't get a job outside the dancing monkey, english teaching market. Her reason was basically because racism. A japanese guy offered to settle down with her, but she turned it down because she "didnt want to be a housewife" as many japanese women eventually become. Now she's back in America, 32 years old iirc, no kids, just a cat, living alone. She's not terrible looking either, she's a bit on the short side but has a nice ass to get away with getting a man.

Moral of the story, bleeding hearts love Japan but hate it because it's so orderly that they can't be fags in it. japan is great because it's orderly. I remember seeing there was an LGBT pride parade in Tokyo, there were Swedes, Canadians, Australians, fucking every god damn westerner country, vastly outnumbering the handful of Nips. I'm like fucking hell. Japan needs to end their JET program if this is the cancer we're sending to them.

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While you were preaching Karl Marx, I have studied the blade.

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This works a lot better with actual nips.

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Turns out @Skyrock is a line cook at Denny’s. Not lying about “studying the blade”, but then that’s what you learn chopping onions every day.

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@Tallest_Skil, you could learn a thing or two from this guy. It sure beats being a keyboard warrior like you are everyday.

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He's a shill who spreads defeatist propaganda to get people to give up.

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I thought something was off about him. Thought it was how the username is remarkably close to "Tallest_Shill"? Nah, that can't be it.

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From what I've seen of him he's a full exto fed poster

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Correct. He’s a faggot who has copy/paste of faggotry and spends his time trying to be a faggot here. Fucking faggot.

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"it would be bad to do anything, but why haven't you done anything faggot?"

@Tallest_Skil you're more useful as fucking plant fertilizer then a human being.

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Fuck you, im the faggot here.

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Tallest_Shil can learn?! Today I learned!

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Nah. You just learned a lie. Dude drools when he does math.

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Why are you summoning the shill named Tallest_Talmud? Do we really need his black-pilled shill nonsense, where he continually tries to provoke and entrap posters into doing kamikaze shit....while the CIA hangs over their every word? For fuck's sake.

He keeps autistically copying and pasting the same shit, over and over and over and over and over again. I sometimes ask myself if he's an Internet meme virus that gained partial sentience, and that just keeps sperging out over and over again on forums, for all of eternity.

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an Internet meme virus that gained partial sentience, and that just keeps sperging out over and over again

That could be a great mini series!

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Theres a video of it too. The dude comes flying in

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Said video for those interested.

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Wow... It looked to me like it was staged. Like other people knew it was about to happen including the guy who snapped the perfect photo. Interesting.

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The assassin is wearing glasses, which fly off on impact.

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Yeah, I just happened to see the picture yesterday among some other interesting ones and thought I’d share some of them. The first time I saw the video I didn’t even realize he had already stabbed him after he had done so. He did it really fast.

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Stabbed and stirred his internals. There's a very severe change in the angle of that blade after it goes in.

By the time the commie fuck realized something had happened, his fate was already sealed.

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This should be top comment. Video is epic

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Is there a farm somewhere that just cranks out fuckin' evil politicians? Where the hell do they all come from? Politics is the favored occupation of the satanically possessed.

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The power to lord over your fellow men attracts and pushes to the top the very people least fit to wield that power.

The ancient Greeks were probably onto something when they handed out offices by lot rather than election.

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I think the desire to be a politician means there's something fundamentally wrong with you.

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Draws lot sweet. I'm executioner this week!

Next week Dammit, Now I gotta be Schumer.

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They’re called ivy league universities.

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A forensic historian I read, said that to him, history is the never ending play of one group trying to get power over another.

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Does he recognize what (((group))) has power now?

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So, who here wants to be a martyr? Anyone?

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That's why t's probably better to go after their money. Socialist leaders are almost always wealthy. Socialist followers in the west are mostly from the upper middle class and above.

Failing that we leave it until it becomes untenable; then they all die in a chaotic accounting.

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I see this guy as kind of a bad ass. Sucks he was a commie..

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I thought that was longer ago than that. Weird.

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take my pound of flesh

Oy vey, what an antisemite!

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fuck off FBI

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The FBI usually funds terrorist attacks against Americans, not socialists

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Three month old account calling a three and a half year old account the FBI. Huh.

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Sad he killed himself.

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They need Jesus over there.

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Portuguese brought him over 500 years ago but they preferred their bald headed meditating fat guy for the most part.

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