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It should be a punishable crime to mix white genes with subhuman savages

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Anti-miscegenation laws. Bring them back!

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I thought bestiality was already a crime though.

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Agreed. Also glad you draw the line on graphic commentary when it comes to the innocent.

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It's precisely what Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf. And the Nazis DID punish miscegeny. And it worked, the Nazis had no problems with blacks and Latinos getting uppity. And they got rid of the 100 thousand Jews they had in the country. It worked.

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But the TV and every single form of media says it's ok if my kids don't look like me. I'll be so progressive and cool :)

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Honestly if seeing a pic like this doesn't make you want to have twelve children, you may lack a soul.

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This is one of the best child photos!

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I'm a Jew mutt. Mixed with another mutt. Every now and then my kids will do some deceitful ass shit to lie, steal from others, or bury the evidence of something bad they did and I'm just like...my cursed genes.

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Blaming bad parenting on genes. Ouch.

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They're literally babies.