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Kudus are notoriously lazy. During Apartheid Kudu were given state subsidies and priority access to food and water.

Now that Democracy <tm> has been forced upon the country the Kudu have to stand in the same queue as the other animals, but they mostly refuse because they think they're too good for that. And the image is the result.

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Are those white people feeding that kudu with food and water (those buckets in the bottom right)?

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Yes it's a game farm and the animal is to weak to stand so the farmer has brought it water

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Those are some groovy horns. They're like unicorn-versions of elk.

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this post makes no sense. ai mishap?

edit* fucking retarded misunderstanding on my part. if i could downvoat my own comment i would.

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Whats there not to understand?

According to OP:

This is taken in South Africa

This is a Farmer.

That is a Kudu

It's to weak to stand up (because of the drought)

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woops. was a complete misunderstanding on my part. thought kudu was mispelling of that disease you get from cannibalism and this was claiming the farmer couldnt stand up. 100% my bad. clearly it was too early in the morning.

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obviously you fell for the hoax of global warming and climate change.

There is no drought, the farmer and the animal are fine.

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The kudu is too weak to stand, hope that helps.

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yeah no that was all my bad. im retarded. completely just too early for me to be commenting apparently.

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Have a cup of coffee and come back. I think you might still be drunk.

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it was in fact too early for me.

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There is a delete button.

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yeah but i would rather not destroy the context of the comments correcting me. i prefer to correct myself and leave my mistake visible for the sake of posterity.