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Diversity's end game.

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Root word of diversity?

DIVIDE. That's the the plan.

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Indeed, DIE versity

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I don't think that qualifies as a river anymore.

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It's the anti-river, a Revir

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Basically like inside of their brains at work.

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You got that right!

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Just remember 30 years ago this was a nuclear capable state. Luckily for the world the White leaders saw the writing on the wall and voluntarily dismantled the weapons before apartheid ended.

Unfortunately, in their current state they can't seem to keep the previously enriched stores secure...

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Why come mah hur fallin out? I try to sell dat silva in da barrels we stole - but da man say it not silva - it plutomunumum. I see people wer platanumim jewry - so why come dis ain't dat?

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They were not a nuclear capable state, they just tested nukes for Israel.

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And to think Charlize Theron is quoted saying that in Africa, people are not as racist to her and her black chlidren and she wanted to move back there. Idiot.

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You mean a Paid Actress said something that has no basis in reality?

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Think you mean paid liar/whore with no brains who sucks fat jew cock to get roles so she can make millionz to be a virtual signaling hypocritical lying cunt.

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That paid act-whore would get her head cut off by Boers the minute she came back, she funds the ANC. She is despised to put it mildly.

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They should ban straws

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That is so sad. Even worse it will eventually get to the ocean if not cleaned up. I don't even like seeing trash in the road that goes in front of my house, I walk it a couple times a year and pickup litter. Not that hard to keep a place litter-free but once it gets that bad...

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Everywhere there is a high proportion of niggers - there is a high proportion of litter. They are fundamentally too lazy to walk over to a trash can to put their trash into the receptacle. I have seen niggers just drop their trash as they open up the package more times than I can count.

They are not human. They are a breed of non-thinking beasts.

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Meanwhile in Nip-Land, the streets are largely clean despite there not being anywhere near as many trash cans in public areas as you would think. People simply take their trash with them and dispose of it at home, or when they come across a bin in public.

Novel concept, that. And the main reason niggers will never be able to integrate there. "Ayy yo. Dere ain't be no trashcan so'z guess dat meen we can put it in da street n' sumboddy gon' come clean dat shit l8r mane!"

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You don't shit where you eat, unless you are a third world savage.

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