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That's what is so backwards.

Prejudice is a utility. Racism is undeniable. It's everywhere, it's who we are.

The Jews stick together and so do the blacks, but us soft whites have allowed the minorities to rule because we won't stick together.

I'm MrDarkWater, and I'll be running for president as a Nazi.

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Got my vote.

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Vote Little, Win Big!

Remove the Jew by '22!


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Run as a socialist under the banner of the democrat party, just don't mention the national prefix and they'll all vote for you.

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We know it works in Jew York and almost worked on the democrat nomination except they didn't figure in Killary.

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It's Pathological Altruism. Europeans evolved to favour moral conformity over kinship. Kevin MacDonald contributed a lot to the theory.

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I've been wanting to learn more about this exact subject. Do you if this has been discussed in one of his books, and if so which one?


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subsaharan-cannibals and gypseys-jews... what could be rights babes?

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It’s such a shame that the word “discriminate” now has a negative connotation.

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"Indiscriminate sex" has such a modern vibe. So "with it".

Don't discriminate; propagate, elongate....navigate. Like a BEP song.

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The world(white) is so worried someone(nigger) will call them racist. So fucking what?

[–] MrDarkWater 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

exactly. its time to start owning racism. and National Socialism. i think we are ready

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The lower case 'we' are ready. The upper case 'WE' are not there yet. it's gonna take a little longer and lot more reality bitchslaps as well as a repudiation of leftist media by the general population. Trump got elected, that's a good start. Patrick Little got shut down, and that shows we aren't quite ready yet.

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Fuck off Socialist fag.

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blacks are not judged for their skin color. they're judged for acting like niggers. the skin color just conveniently matches.

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I don't judge blacks. Just niggers.

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One and the same

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There's no difference. Stop pretending

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A nigger doesn't talk like that.

real black people "mother fucka, honky nevah been hated cuz his skin. sheeeiiit"

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This is the correct version.

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It's called affirmative action and white boomers are to blame for it.

[–] codfilet 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Every single thing negroes say is either a lie, bullshit, or both. Pay no attention to whatever they say.

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This picture sums up the hypocrisy so well.

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Its just foolish to get judged by skin colour. Ridiculous..!!

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