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They, and the planes involved, should be place on top of the money pile.

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Oh, they're in there...

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I like how they made the stacks of money look like the WTC architecture.

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It'll take 6 gorillion years to get our money back.

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6 goyrillion

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Reperations. We are out for war! We are out for revenge! You fucking cut our babies dicks up you cut an organ off millions of baby boys for your evil satanic blood ritual! Reperations we are coming for blood you fucking kike fucks.

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I wonder how the Jews feel about slave labor.

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What's the first thing you would make a jewish slave do?

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Kill his family.

Then I would lock him up with their remains and not feed him.

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Kill his family and then himself.

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If I was a truly immoral savage I'd take some of their women and have some fun, as they have forced upon our women.


However, I really wouldn't want a slave. Not my style I guess.

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dig a ditch.

nobody is keeping them alive for fucking slavery. it's a fucking trick to be kept alive you fucking retards.

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They down if it's gentiles

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Do you know that 6 million in Hebrew means "an uncountable number"? To them it's like a googol or a million billion. They're speaking a different language, but we interpret it as an real number because we engage in truth telling something that the West invented. Many religions use numbers as a symbol, then justify post-hoc the number. The number contains a sacred meaning to members of the tribe, and if they repeat it with faith and fervor, eventually they have justified a genocide or earned appeasement. This is the strategy of the Jews exemplified for Voat.

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Do you know that 6 million in Hebrew means "an uncountable number"

Think how completely retarded you would have to be to think jews count like "...Four million...Five million....An unaccountable number million...Seven million..."

Just more made up, easy to disprove nonsense like the rest of your "arguments", lol

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Reparations for what?

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What, are you a Ragnarok denier? That's an anti-aryan dog whistle.

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I've played Ragnarok online. It's not a bad game. Not made by Jews either. I don't understand how it's related.

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Dear Yiddish Kid Fucking Faggot Mafia 1. Thanks for the US Liberty Attack ., 2. 9/11 Mossad Artwork in the buildings and 3 . Ripping off the US Taxpayer for 40$ million a day ,. time to pay up mother fuckers

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