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Feminists: “I don’t feel safe walking down a street that has a man on it, because of rape culture”

Also feminists: “I’m gonna hitchhike alone across a region where men aren’t even punished for raping.”

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Well Islam is the religion of peace unlike that hateful racist Christianity...

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Islam is the religion of peace

Exactly, don't believe us though. Please, all feminists go to Iraq and other Muslim countries to find out for yourself!

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No man you got it all wrong.

Feminists: “I don’t feel safe walking down a street that has a WHITE man on it, because of rape culture THAT DOESENT EXIST IN OUR SOCITY”

Also feminists: “I’m gonna hitchhike alone across a region where men aren’t even punished for raping BECAUSE WHITE MEN SAY SO AND I ALWAYS DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WHITE MEN SAY NO MATTE WAHT:.”

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Way to take the implicit and make it explicit.

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Where even, men are encouraged, to rape!

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Men are all bad except in Iraq! YEP!

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Seventeen days. One for each of her brain cells.

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Hate to say it because I usually think nature is right but I am starting to think this is some twisted female evolutionary instinct to embrace the invader/oppressor so their new offspring will survive :(

I read in Rational Male about it he went into it briefly I forgot what term they're using for it. It's cutting edge evolutionary psychology and the powers that be in academia definitely don't want to let all the truths out. If this theory is true, this female egalitarian/nurturing instinct (regardless of who is being nurtured)... can have disasterous consequences for the MODERN societies they are in just as bad as a raging lunatic. Maybe it worked in caveman days.

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Exactly! This is an absolute perversion of Christianity. Which has infested leftism. Think Daniel Pierce parents who tried to appease resentment towards their son's murderers. But of course, the barbarity of those murderers was due to the nastiness of the nasty Westerners! OF COURSE! Barbarians do have excuses!

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Theyre goyim

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Idk, man? She's in Europe, and that post is one hour old. She's very likely raped to death by now.

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17 days? I don't give her a 2 days the moment she enters Iraq.

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"17 days?! She's not gonna last 17 hours!"

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But she will, 17 hourse rape marathon is the least that could and will happen to her.

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Is it just me or did anyone else read this comment in the voice of Bill Paxton's Private Hudson?

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I notice she wrapped her head. Already conforming. She would be smiling and holding a sign without that scarf

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Anyone got word on her ankels?

I mean the fact that I not only still can see her eyes but full face screams prostitute.

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She’ll get stoned to death for that

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Doesn't matter if she has a scarf or not, she has to have a man with her at all times.

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But she does, her bull dyke life partner identifies as non-biniry male.

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I know right, if there is so much love and peace in the countries as she claims she should be able to travle without scarf and a "free pussy here " sign wihout anyhing happening.

But hey her feminst government idols showed her

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The last beheading video was the best? "...white woman genes...ending their lines with mud or getting killed by them" You aren't by any chance a cryptojew? I smell one on your comments. No one should celebrate these things. We must stop those who would attempt to poison and destroy these girls that have been mislead into the slaughterhouse. I understand if you are justifiably angered by their stupidity, arrogance, and solipsism, but we should be engaging in the meme-wars and red-pilling them to educate them on the dangers. No point celebrating a loss that could be prevented if more would wake up. I understand frustration at the situation, but we have to stick together. No more taxes for single mother mud sharks. No more celebrating the destruction of something pure. Only pure resolve to correct this injustice.

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No we need to cull the fat, the Lemmings, simpletons. These girls deaths needed to happen and will continue to happen as long as the religion of peace is allowed to operate peacefully without fear of white violence.

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There's evidence everywhere. These people just think the world runs on love though and won't ever understand we are in constant battle.

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Those 2 idiots are much better dead than alive to the Aryan Nation. They have awoken tens of thousands to the murderous and unhuman ways of niggers and sand niggers.

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There's nothing pure about a debased 'embrace the oppressor/invader' instinct so their new offspring can survive. It's an instinct that has to be controlled.

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Sounds like more goblins to slay.

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Someone should mail https://www.fbi.gov or maybe ring phone https://www.interpol.int/ ? also petition? https://www.change.org/p/facebook-haley-woods-should-not-be-a-candidate-for-the-facebook-community-leadership-program Over 300 signatures !? Haley Woods, creator of Girls LOVE Travel, is profiting off of unethical business practices in her female travel group on Facebook.

She has silenced and attempted to erase evidence of her taking advantage of her moderator team and members for personal financial gain through but not limited to Facebook events and meet ups.

She has stolen from business partners and unpaid employees, thrived on a complete lack of clarity in financial aspects of the group, encouraged group bullying and doxxing of members and/or partners while often times providing false information and backstory to rationalize these requests.

She uses her numbers to back her in attempts to threaten anyone who disagrees with her methods, and has attempted to damage jobs and/or career opportunities of those who speak out against her.

She has a strong history of encouraging racial segregation and tensions through the group, victim shaming women who have experienced assault

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strong history of encouraging racial segregation

Listing her positive traits doesn't help towards tearing her down.

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Modernity strains the pure and the righteous. Those that debase themselves & yet claim they are not traitors do so with the double heart of the weak & the wicked.

We shall pass through these times, and be the stronger for it.

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Damn that's a dumb bitch. She's probably already dead.

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fixed it.......1 week from now...

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why does she look more attractive while upside down? I get that she's meant to be enriched and all but shit I'm confused right now.

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The scary thing is, bitch would propably really keep smiling while being raped and killed and while the blade slices her she would sende a message of how its all the white mans fault and that her mom please adopts the killer.

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i wonder if some if some 'private' financial arrangement has been made to those ppl...like..... "oh! thats not the true face of islam.... here is 10,million sheikels, BUT!!!! (you need to help show the world how 'peaceful' islam is... 1st payment when your guests arrive....."

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I will watch her beheading on video and not feel the least bit bad about it. I just hope she's a fellow jew.

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You haven't seen a beheading video involving the woman in this sub's picture- she's still alive. Or she was like an hour ago, when she posted this absurd picture.

She does look remarkably alike to the two girls who were beheaded, though. They all have that bizarre, childlike, naive innocence written all over their face.

I'd imagine whenever a predator spots a person with that kind of look, they immediately think "There is my prey, easy". I'd wager my life a thought like this went through the heads of the 18 savages who killed those Danish girls.

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you have nigger tier reading comprehension

will is future tense, you fucking retard

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This is the reason it's always been the responsibility of the parents to get those dimwits married off. Parents didn't relax until their girls were married. Most cultures still do that.

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I meant when it happens. I dont think these women are naive. I think they are evil.

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