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Boomers were the blindest and most useless generation that could have stopped all this. But you were too busy drinking soda and watching TV to do anything. It's not about divide and conquer, it's about getting to the root of the problem and your gen and gen x have done goofed. Faggot


[–] SporadicSpasms ago 

Are you kidding? Boomers knew exactly what they were doing—they just didn't give two fucks. Just like most of the Millennials today who want big-daddy government to painlessly solve all their problems and make their lives happy, happy, joy, joy!

Moreover, your boomer parents were quite busy buying you itoys and giving you participation trophies so you could feel special about yourself. I mean, how would you have ever gotten all those spectacular tats and body piercings if your parents hadn't gotten further into debt—or if they actually required you to work for your money?

The very fact that Millenials continue to blame others for their predicament is exactly why all other generations—including "GenZ" look down upon your generation. Think about that for a moment: as young as the Millennial generation is, the generation right behind you already thinks you suck.

BTW: I'm not a boomer.


[–] jewlie ago  (edited ago)

Actually my parents died when I was really young. Found out the hard way what life really was, and saw how pussy the rest of the kids were growing up. Don't get me started on all the emo faggots...

Edit: I agree millennials fucking suck but I think there is saving us. Boomers are extremely stubborn and stuck in their ways and that is their biggest demise.