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That asshole who walked past with his phone on tho.

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Isn't that interesting. Why do they do that? Just because it makes a pretty picture?

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Regardless if they are bitches...it's cool to imagine this spot 9,000 years ago, under the stars and torch light with a gathering of people in a brutal unforgiving time living in the wild essentially.

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Holy Smokes. Bucket List Item.

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It's pretty cool, but prepare yourself to see a bunch of 70-iq brown dudes physically beating camels, donkeys, and dogs. There are 100+ sketchy locals that make a living by harassing tourists into paying for a ride and they treat the poor animals terribly.

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If I was there and saw that, those shitskin fuckers would get a beating from me! And everyone should unite and do them the way they do every other living being!

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Yeah, I suspected it's an Jordanian shit hole, the history of the structure is amazing.

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I'll bet there's great reverb of sound in that place!

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What is your favorite appearance of here in a movie, and why is it Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

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This place was in the movie Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. Which is a better film imo.

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