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somethings not quite right, I can't quite put my white finger on it

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There's a black guy taking care of his son. Completely unrealistic.

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The most unrealistic thing about the new animated Spiderman movie isn't that a radioactive spider gave a nigger spider powers and he didn't instantly become a menace to society, it's that he has a single father who is a police officer.

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I thought he was saying goodbye?

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The White guy being able to stomach the smell of the sheboon is also pretty unrealistic.

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gypsey jews want caucasians exterminated... they’re here for you’re blood boys... govern yourselves accordingly!

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Because it's not your underage female cousin's pussy, you worthless cracker breeder goy parasite.

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Received on my Android phone today:


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Where's the instagram of the mother with a fresh black eye, or the one of the dad going out the door to get a pack of smokes

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That looks so fucked and unrealistic. Fucking Jewgle shilling.

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The House of Israel should lead by example. Likes should be and stay gay. When they do marry, they should marry niggers. If you know one of (((them))), show your enthusiastic support for diversity, and try convince them to do so. Sweet revenge.

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If I had a company every commercial would be a Jew with a nigger. A real feral one

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The "Father's Day" one is the funniest.

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Niggers don’t understand what jews are so they use shit like this as evidence whites want to fuck them

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White women DO want to fuck niggers.

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Only because it’s dirty

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