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"It has operated 5280 sols since landing, having exceeded its operating plan by 14 years, 220 days (in Earth time)." -- wiki

Quite the accomplishment.

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There's so many more stars in the sky than anyone could ever imagine

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Oh wow. I honestly didn't look close enough to tell those were stars. I just thought it was a static screen. That's incredible.

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Nah, I can imagine it cause my brain is not limited like everyone else’s.

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Kill yourself n00b

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Where's the guy claiming you can't see stars in space?

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I wonder what that line is

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There are a few of them if you look close enough, all evenly spaced. Probably the way the camera takes the pic and the images stitched together.

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Yea I noticed the others. Makes sense, my first thought was long exposure of something crossing the sky or other satelite.

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Possibly Mars' moons Phobos and Deimos, as seen over several orbits. They orbit low and therefore frequently.