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Happy Hanukah! The top one was very good. She could pass now. One more thing. Change her name from Finkelberg to Flint.

The second one. Change her name from Pearlstein to Perry

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Literal shapeshifters.

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White chick noses are generally perfect

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I say we push the angle that rhinoplasty is cultural appropriation perpetuated against western (and northern) Europeans.

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Which one is the before pic?

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as if anyone ever did plastic surgery to look more jewish.

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Lol same question here - normally the left is the before pic, but her nose looks even worse on the right

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normally the left is the before pic

Normally we read left to right. In hebrew the text is read right to left. Maybe the right side of the screen is natural for them to first be looked at.

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the jew signature nose is that hook bump that the one on the right shows.

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Reminder that it is becoming custom to gift their (((daughters))) nose jobs for their 16th birthday.


Like 8 more in this gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/qZb5dPw

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It's very similar to the Korean cosmetic surgery that parents give their daughters once they are 16 and their faces are fully developed.


We wuz Whyte girlz an' sheet

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Dated a ugly Korean when I was younger. Ran into her and didn't even recognize her. Parents did same thing.

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Except plastic surgery doesn't change their genetics.

Look at a pic of a young (but not like 11) pic of Ivanka sometime. Pretty obvious she and her mom had a nose job, because 'reasons'.

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There's still something about her though. If I look, something still says to me there's fuckery afoot.

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This is why the first thing you see in every intro of (((South Park))) is "Tom's Rhinoplasty"

OMG, they killed Kennedy

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haha Ive noticed that too. SP has been subtly naming the jew for years and sometimes even not so subtly

Watch the episode "Cancelled" sometime

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Cartman isn't very subtle with his jew naming, though.

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That's a Primus reference. You know, the guys who did the theme song.

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Wearing dreadlocks is called cultural appropriation, but plastic surgery to make your face look more like my people...

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Must be called racial appropriation.

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Nice point!

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I bet Faith Goldy(stein) and Lauren Simonsen had a rhinoplasty.

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Fun Fact: Shmufkin TV has had rhinoplasty and she's a jew.

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From ice breaker to just big

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My favorite "before" picture comes with a great Jewish tale


See the girl to the right? This was taken at her Bat Mitzvah.

Her Jewish father, David H. Brooks, a body armor mogul threw his daughter a $10 million bat mitzvah with performances from 50 Cent, Kenny Gorlick (G) Tom Petty, and Aerosmith,

He was sentenced to 17 years in prison for his role in swindling $200 million from his company and its investors. He supplied body armor to the pentagon for our troops.

Thankfully the end of this Jewish tale has him dying in prison.

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Lol, the absolute state of 50 cent.

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