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Wow is this a real picture? Looks fantastic :)

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Can someone explain how it is possible for the roof to hold that much snow?

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Timber framing. Big ass balks of timber and large beam pockets. We aren't talking 2x6 stick framing. Think more like the steel types of beams you might see in a basement, but 8x8 or 8x10 wood beams. These can support the weight of a whole home. That could easily be 80-100k lbs. of snow. Fully saturated (wet, heavy) snow could be even more. They say fully saturated snow can be upwards of 20 lbs. per cubic foot.

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Timber can carry a surprising amount of load, especially so when you start getting into the engineered timber territory. LVL's and glulam's can carry an astonishing amount of moment.

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I’ve grown up and lived in the south my whole life, all I know is sleet and the rare flurry that we can make a pathetic snowman with. I had no idea snow was that heavy and I’m in my 30s...

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I love how millennials and the big-city-tech-startup-cuck types love ripping on people that live like this. They think that lumber workers and cabin builders are on par with toothless red necks when in reality, the incredible amount of work and degree of difficulty that goes into building one of these is amazing. I doubt a soy boy's apartment building could support 100k lbs of anything.

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Its pretty light snow, not that wet dense shit. If you zoom in really close you can see it.

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That house must have big ... beams.

Edit: I'm guessing that's about 12 ft of snow. Sounds like a lot, but the Lake Tahoe basin easily sees that much on a yearly basis. People build houses out of wood there and they hold up, it just takes more lumber.

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Bet it is toasty warm in there, although I don't see any obvious smoke stacks.

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Looks amazing, Great picture

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looks like marshmallow

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Anything over 70psf has to be, you know, designed by an engineer to meet residential building code..

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lol just build the wallmart with a flat roof in new england

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Is that what they did? Please help us laugh, what happened?

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Nothing, the roof is warm and made of steel. If there was a danger of it getting too heavy, they paid someone to shovel it...