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I want to build a cabin, over a decommissioned nuclear missle silo.

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YES! That's perfect. So much storage. You could go into siege mode indefinitely until all the Feminists are dead!

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... it would take 1 month. Feminism cannot survive without the support of males

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Sorry to correct you gabara, you appear to have misspelled Jews.

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By a river with my own hydroelectric power generator and salmon supply.

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You may want to know google did a ground penetrating scan of America to find areas of interest such as a good place to drill down and place a geothermal generator.
You can find this info online for free and over lay a map of available properties to sell to find the perfect spot.

For me it would be near a river but also near a fresh source of ground waters deep enough it is safe under impervious rock layers and no where near a factory of any kind. Ground would need to be fertile, even with a little work that's ok, with some mountains on at least 1 side (and near by, where a cave/cold storage could be made, possibly within tunnel digging distance from the house. House would have electricity and water from the river as well as ground water, power from geothermal and solar and hydro, and food from the soil and stored under the house in its bunker and within the cave.

Once I've given myself a few years head start, storing supplies and food, I'd live as happy as a clam.

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I have a small solar panel and deep cycle battery on my caravan and it has never run out of power for me. Depends on the appliances you need but the generator sounds like overkill.

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over a decommissioned nuclear missile silo.

'decomissioned'. pffft. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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Unfortunately, all decommissioned missile silos happen to be well documented and should be considered as a possible 'destination' for those seeking safety/shelter/supplies/whatever in a SHTF scenario.

Better something nondescript (P/R) sitting on top of a privately funded underground complex built to last.

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What if I want a fast car, and lots of money in my small cabin in the woods away from everyone?

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You can have all that. If you live in the north you will need a four wheel drive to get around. Keep the fast car in the garage for the winter - only take it out on nice days.

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Then you should look at getting a used Subaru, plopping a JDM 2.0T into it, throwing on a 2.5 inch lift and a set of 15 inch method wheels with some off-road tires.

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I said a fast car.

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Ted Kaczynski comes to mind.

[–] mralexson 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Fucking based

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He was THE BOMB. Take the time to read his book... He will tell you all about "The System"

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Dr. Kaczynski, healing a sick world.

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I used to have his manifesto in newspaper form, wonder where that is?

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My favorite.

I left the world behind.

I advise you all to consider doing the same.

Its fun.

My alarm clock is a rooster.

I forget what day of the week it is.

I forget what month it is sometimes.

Its awesome.

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Which rooster do you use? If you only have one rooster there's no problem, but I have found when there's several they start around 1am and continue until the sun comes up. So you wouldn't want my 1am rooster.

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This may sound silly but... is there anyway to reset a roosters time for when he does his call?

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It looks like a hunting cabin of sorts. It doesn't look like it's for any cold weather climate living. The wind would whistle right under that jacked up floor and chill the shit out of it. I don't see any dogs under it either. Dogs love to get under something like that if you have one.

No four wheel drive in sight. Something that you will need if you're going to live out in the country. A little place like that, you'll need to make more trips to town for stuff. No storage. No electricity, so no refrigeration, no cooling.

It looks like a hobby cabin for someone who doesn't know shit about offgrid living to be honest. Not even a solar panel. Where the hell is the pile of wood to burn??

I see on the pic this is some kind of business to sell shit like this. lol www.offthegridcabin.com. Yeah, that smacks of taking city slicker dudes to the cleaners for some underdeveloped property in Timbuckfuckingtoo. Or bilking 'huntards' of yet more huntard money.

City guys get it in their head they'll butch up and come out to the countryside and do some hunting. That's fine with us here in the country as they bring lots of money and spent it. It's just odd to fellows like me that they drive all the way here, spend money and time to do what comes naturally for us out here. Then they'll leave the meat! They don't even want the meat sometimes from the game. They just want those deer antlers or head as a trophy. WTF?

The meat is why I do it. Fuck big tough old bucks, they suck to even clean, they stink and the meat is rank. The good eating is in the does and tender young ones. Best meat ever, all lean meat and rich. You have to let it hang a while to let all the blood drain out, if you don't it's too strong and will about make you sick. If you're not a noob, you can process it and have some of the most tasty meat ever. You can't get that kind of eats anywhere else.

Fresh fish is the same, you can't get it that good in the store and you definitely can't buy game fish. You have to go get it. You can fill up a freezer with fish and eat all year long on it, same with game. If you're in the country, you can hunt and fish, have the best of food to include kick ass gardens and have jack shit for a grocery bill. You just need certain essentials, the meat bill will be small. As far as beef and pork go, you can get super cheap deals on it as well here. Or just raise some and butcher it yourself.

It's an entirely different lifestyle than what city living will give you. Not to mention the complete lack of niggers make it appealing. Nigger bullshit doesn't fly in a place where if you're a dickhead, you can be killed and buried and nobody is ever going to find you or even care to look. Where the hell would they even start? Everyone is armed to the teeth and have dogs that will light you up as soon as you come near the place. It's every thieving nigger filth's nightmare. In fact if niggers even drive through here and aggro the wrong kind, it'll be their last trip anywhere ever.

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I've got 2 antler-less tags left.

Life is good.

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Fk Yes!!!!! I either want to live in a tiny cabin or a brothel.

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Why not invent the Whore Cabin?

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Sounds like a nice stepping stone between unlicensed lemonade sales and a fullsize brothel for the aspiring pimp.

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I'm sorry.

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Not exactly what you're after, but I'm a taken woman who would want nothing more than to live in the latter, provided that I have enough supplies to survive. Chopping your own wood to keep warm is cathartic, to be honest.

If there's me, there would be others, who aren't taken.

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get out more

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If enough of us do it then society will fall apart. Niggers aren't comfortable in the bush, it's one of the safest places for true white people.

[–] bushka 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Definitely the safest place for white people. Oddly enough, my mother is white and she's scared to death of living in the woods. She scolds me for walking in the woods at night or working in the garden at night because the animals are going to eat me you know. She lives about an hour away in a nice suburb and will not stay in my house alone. She is freaked out that I don't have shades or curtains. I am far safer here than she will ever be and she can't understand that.

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Why would we want society to fall apart?

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You ever watch that show "American Greed"?

It is astonishing how often the fraudsters are Jews. 50%-60% of the time. Maybe more.

I don't understand it, that drive to have crap. I suppose it is about wanting to be "better" than other people, but their idea of what makes them "better" is all fucked up.

They never want to be better by doing something good. It all about jet skis and being in the company of whores and hangers on and similar rubbish.

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You don't understand marginalization. Perhaps you've been living in the city for too long.

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