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So one imbecile nigger had to show off for his felonious monkey friends and an innocent man is dead. It may not have meant to pull the trigger. They act like kids with a toy when they have a gun. Doesn't matter. All 6 need to disappear into the deepest hole that exists in our prison system. Forever. Less than worthless. An active clear and present danger to society. If the races were reversed this would be the lead story coast to coast.

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Worked, pulled his own weight, paid taxes to subsidize the fast breeding monkey-spawn that killed him.

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Non-whites don't belong with whites

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guess he stopped getting away with it

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From the thumbnail I was thinking it was a Mr. S. Hyde too.

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Its funny that niggers are stupid enough to say 'black people can't be racist' then cry 'racism' when the black-owned Dominos in Newark wouldn't deliver after dark.

They're children. They live in a superficial culture that deems them adult soon as they look like one at 8 years old. They have no reference in their communities for what maturity is and cry because their learning hurts.

I will stand by my words to give them Arkansas. Give it away!

Let them know it's all free to ALL blacks and those that don't leave will get shamed for being dumb lazy niggers, all those that do flock will get mocked for being dumb lazy niggers. Have them build a moat and tell them it's to keep all the free stuff in and whites out.

In 2030 we can tell our kids if they don't behave we'll mail them to Arkansas.

Win / Win / WIn

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Did this happen in america?

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So somewhere in communist Europe. Who cares about eurofags.

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He kinda looks like he would lecture me on the need for a diverse society.

Some people have to learn the hard way.

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I decided to check out his facebook profile. Based on the pages he liked, it looks like he would have fit in pretty well on Voat.

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