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Miss (((Silverman))) criticizes Christian ignorance but doesn't knew that stem cells can be harvested from umbilical cords and placenta after live births. No abortion necessary. Methinks she has a hidden agenda.

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"improve life"... "by selectively choosing what lives".

Sounds like we're living in the third reich.

Why we're taking cultural advice from a single 50 year old comedian, is beyond me.

Anyone ask her what was wrong with the nazi's plan to "improve life" for the rest of us by killing a minority group?

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The founder of (((Planned Parenthood))) was a major advocate for eugenics.

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You can just use the skin of the individual to create pluripotent cells.


Japan figured it out about 10 years ago. It surprises me how not many people know this stuff. I wonder what the next excuse will be as to why it's a good thing to kill your baby.

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Even if it was the only way to get stem cells, they're basically saying we should kill babies so some rich old fucks can get a new set of eyes.

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kill the goyim?

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Killing children for satanic power.

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Or that scientists have methods for reverting adult stem cells from the blood into their pristine (pluripotent) state. We can do this. It isn't perfect. But instead of driving forward on the killing baby route, why don't any of these people who seem so concerned about stem cells ever mention that we don't have to collect them from fetuses? Why not focus on improving the potential to revert our own stem cells into their embryonic state?

Scientists revert human stem cells to pristine state

That way, every person, from birth and onward could have a frozen supply of their own embryonic stem cells. Hell, the markets this would open up. An entire industry could be built around the storage of this bio material.

But me thinks these people who are obsessed with abortion don't really give a fuck about the science, or the stem cells. It's an irrational power trip, and they just want to be able to kill their babies because they resent Being period.

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The first reply is truly bizarre.

Feminists live in a fantasy world of there on creation.

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A lot of Feminism is reactionary shit that men say about women in reverse. It's a feedback loop. Men criticize feminism, Feminists use that criticism to prove they're oppressed, oppression = authority, women with authority gain special privileges for women and enact punitive measures against men.

Life is hard for losers. There will always be more losers than winners. That's why democracy is just another bad French idea.

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Feminism is not made worse by some "feedback loop" that results from us criticizing it. Who cares if feminists point to criticism from men as evidence of the patriarchy? They're going to scream, 'Patriarchy!" no matter what anyone else says.

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Men cant criticize, if you do you get called an incel and get your comments deleted.

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It's at a point of collective psychosis. It really is. Pretty scary actually.

Let's enforce a mandatory surgery to cut the vas deferens of newborn baby males everywhere, on top of the surgery we already do to remove their foreskin.

The absolute chaotic irony of this: these very same women are the ones who argue a parent has no right to guide their child in development of their gender. Yet they are perfectly willing to just cut up the genitals of boys before they've seen 24 hours of daylight.

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And not the female children. Wouldn't need abortions if they cant conceive.

Or FMG. They won't ever want to have sex at all.

Seems like a logical conclusion especially as they love Muslims so much

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Also did you actually get / going for an MD? I always wonder if those practicing naturopathic (heh) and chiropractors get sick of cosplaying doctors and wish they'd gone to school, shitty as it is these days. Are you familiar with the Dead Chiropractic Society?

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This observation of even greater levels of ritual batshit needs upgoating.

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Where was it again, where they stitch a women's Vagina shut until marriage so she can't have sex outside marriage (and neither can the guy). It's a procedure that works. Reattaching a penis... doesn't work.

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they mean reversing a vasectomy. that has a 90+% rate, but that's not high enough to force on someone.

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So "snip" is colloquial for vasectomy and not for cutting off a penis. I'm also doubting the rate if done at birth and not during adulthood.

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I can get behind that.

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Is this real?

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I cannot get into these peoples heads mentally

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Its more fun to get head physically.

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Name "Saturnia" shows nothing as an abortion ship under google, so conversation might be fake.

Ship itselt is real. Wikipedia says the name is "Langenort". There were ships named Saturnia, so there could be truth. It might be a former name of the ship, or maybe they changed ships.


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can't they make stem cells from skin cells now?... I think it's time we start harvesting sarah silverman's skin. think of all the lives it could save

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I'm glad someone else knew this. 🐸

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just wait until they have artificial wombs and better sex dolls. it will be the shriek heard round the world

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Essentially - "Selling baby body parts is good for business / Signed - Your friendly cannibal /"

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The deep states love for saturn is pretty interesting.

Saturn appears to have kept the earth safe from other cosmic giants waging war against each other early in the formation of the solar system.

Saturn(roman for chronos) is also the wrong name to give the planet next to jupiter(zeus) as it's slightly more feminine structure and ring(wedding) around it suggesting it's actually jupiter(zeus's) wife.

Both saturn and jupiter have been observed to have the largest lightning bolts in the solar system which is to be expected from the god/goddess of thunder.

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Saturn: Fearing that he would be overthrown by one of his children, ate each one upon their birth.

Translation: If we don't kill these blacks + white baby's they will take over.

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The problem is that saturn isn't actually chronos, saturn is zeus's wife.

Chronos is actually planet X, which was flung out of the solar system(heaven) by zeus(jupiter).

That being said, unless you're at the very top of the pyramid(8000 people), they won't actually tell you everything.

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