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Wakandan kang inhaling vibranium

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Stupid me, I thought that was crack cooncaine!

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Thinking meff

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I see a scientist testing a new miracle drug he developed to cure cancer

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It's like those commercials you see with all the terrible side effects listed after telling you how great the product is.

"Do you have cancer? Then ask your doctor about Crystal Meth, the once a day medication to make the cancer symptoms go away. *Consult a medical professional before taking Crystal Meth. Crystal Meth may cause side effects such as job loss, skin blackening, tooth decay, random acts of violence and in extreme cases - may lead to death. Ask your doctor about Crystal Meth today and watch your cancer symptoms slowly go away."

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Honestly that sounds a lot better than most of the drugs sold on tv

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Yes embrace the programming, the brainwashing is working so well on this one.

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Maybe only to the people you say it to if those people didn’t exist there would not be an issue

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I wish I couldn't care less about the consequences of the actions I'd like to take against this asshole. Look at him. Hes doing it because he wants to show everyone he can. The equivalent of a gorilla beating its chest in the jungle.

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Then we should show him what we (normal people) can do namly a swift light uppercut to break the pipe in his fucking mouth.

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If you do anything, out come the cell phones, you can't even call the cops. You will be on Reddit. Assaulting a young entrepreneur.

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Is that crack or meth your smoking there, Jamal?

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Meth and crack.

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With just a pinch of bath salts.

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It's crack.

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Man nigga dis nigga gettin wet

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This is why you should always ride in the first car, close to the driver.

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this is why you should not ride on nigger bart without a concealed carry

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This is why you should not ride Bart or live in the bay

[–] speedisavirus 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Or just not live there. I spent a week there last year and that was enough for me. It used to be alright just 15 years ago but you could see things weren't heading the right direction. Now it's basically what I imagine a real wakanda would look like.

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Why would anyone ride a train like that ? id rather drive a fucking bicycle

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These large cities were designed for mass transit. Buses and trains work very well here. What they WERE NOT designed for is fucking crack-heads cooking up in a crowd full of cowards who are too pacified to say anything.

I get it, I really do. You have a job, a home and a family to support. For you a night in jail means a week of 12 hour days to catch up and that's if you don't have any deadlines creeping up; where as for this piece of shit it means a roof over his head until his hearing. I remember as a kid hearing grown ups say shit like "I've got nothing to lose!" and thinking that's a weird thing to say to sound tough. Now I realize they what they actually meant.

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Can't cross the bay on a bike, except by taking it on BART.

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You can’t run over people on a bicycle, what if you’re having a bad day?

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Kick that pipe into the back of his throat.

Nigger exposing an entire train to a chemical against their wishes.

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