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Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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Then don't send her to college, I cant understand the point of going to college to go to college.

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Make sure she learns the dangers of fraternizing with negroids.

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Sounds pretty masculine....a future feminist?

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Man if feminists shot guns and gutted animals they'd be fucking cool

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I like it.

But the gun looks like a Daisy Red Ryder. Not accurate from what I remember.

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That’s not true. I hunt bats inside with mine

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Smoothbore BBs had quite a spread when I've shot a Red Ryder. A rifled pellet gun is a big improvement.

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I used to hunt mice inside with my old red ryder. Good times

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kid aint even going to be able to fire properly or safely from that position anyways

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A real firearm? no. A smooth bore bbgun? The further your eye is from the sight picture, the better your chances of hitting that soda can. haha

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Do you have any prefered BB guns over the Red Ryder?

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"you'll shoot yer eye out kid"

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Daisy Buck

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Crosman pumpmaster 760 was great decades ago.

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big bore air guns are really cool and expensive

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Doing photo shoots with your daughters @Nadeshda ?

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Geez got the pink bb gun and all right... shushie boot! :p

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Got my daughter the same BB gun couple years back. Had to cut the stock down so she could shoulder it and reach the trigger. POS gun didn't make it through 1 afternoon of plinking before it broke.

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MFW here a BB is regulated and not to be used by persons under 18.

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Sounds like you need to build some freedom dispensers.

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Europe? Here in Canada I have airguns and airsoft that easily turn up over 500 FPS, and one of those shoots 80 rounds a second. Fully auto 'machine gun' under our law. If I was to turn the airsoft gun down under 400 fps it becomes a replica, which is a restricted firearm here. Here's the kicker. You CANNOT play indoor airsoft with a gun that shoots over 350 fps. So every kid with an airsoft gun here is walking around with a restricted firearm. We also have a purchase restriction of 18 years old, and waivers for playing the game.

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That's adorable. I don't think anyone OVER 18 uses them here.

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They should have merchant paper targets

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Why does it have to be paper?

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"White supremacist nazis practicing shooting innocent mothers and children at the border!!!"

-Leftwing propaganda media.

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