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I think the president can't be open anti-jew or anti-anyone because he'd get impeached JFK'd.

fixed it for you.

if you dont play nice enough, theyll straight up murder you. the people shouting "LOL TRUMP IS A JEW" have never named the jew outside voat. you can tell, because theyre here posting. they do even less to set things right than they perceive the president to be doing. but theyll definitely call for him to do things that would guarantee he gets jfk'd as fast as possible. hmmm... very interesting, that.


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Bullshit. I name the jew any chance I get. I explain to people about jewish supremacy.


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I think Trump's choice to move the embassy to Jerusalem was more of a move to show he has the guts that previous president's didn't.

He's showing he has guts by bending over for Israel while wearing a yamika? lmao

If he really had guts he'd openly stand up against Israel, not giving them billions more in aid and having his entire campaign ran by a zionist jew.