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Holy shit. That guy was fucking done. That had to be a months worth of work, assuming he couldn't just go straight at it full time.

Pretty ingenious, using the arc welder. I probably would've done something easier, like mouse trap springs, but hey! It worked!

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I'm full on with you there. Anybody who yells 'I'm killing myself!" Is, 99.99%, just an attention seeker. If you want to do it, you're just going to go get some dry ice and seal yourself in somewhere. You're not yelling 'come stop me'.

I really do admire this guy's commitment, what with placing the shells in specific areas and the backup system. He put a whole lot of thought into this, and I salute him. Lol


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I've heard of people that have jumped off four story buildings without any call for attention before hand... but four stores wasn't enough to finish the job.