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Holy shit. That guy was fucking done. That had to be a months worth of work, assuming he couldn't just go straight at it full time.

Pretty ingenious, using the arc welder. I probably would've done something easier, like mouse trap springs, but hey! It worked!

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At least he went through with it. Attention-seeking pussies today "attempt suicide" take 4 tylenols or standing on a bridge with no real intention to jump.

I have always said that there's no such thing as attempted suicide. If someone REALLY wanted to do it, they would do it.

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I'm full on with you there. Anybody who yells 'I'm killing myself!" Is, 99.99%, just an attention seeker. If you want to do it, you're just going to go get some dry ice and seal yourself in somewhere. You're not yelling 'come stop me'.

I really do admire this guy's commitment, what with placing the shells in specific areas and the backup system. He put a whole lot of thought into this, and I salute him. Lol

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I've heard of people that have jumped off four story buildings without any call for attention before hand... but four stores wasn't enough to finish the job.

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I can't imagine the amount of time and thought that went into this, it is pretty crazy.

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Exactly! Also, medications may cause depression and thoughts of suicide so ask your doctor if Abien® is right for you...... 🚮

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To me, not only was a sort of exercise or mantra for him, but its evident he was VERY scared of what may happen if he failed and was left retarded or brain dead, but still alive.

He wanted to be sure that he was leaving...

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You mean every town doesn't have someone who "survived" a shotgun to the head? My small town, the guy was 3 or 4 grades ahead of me, attempted suicide and survived with a messed up face. No brain in jury that I recall, just physical damage (but that's about 5 decades ago, so my recall may be imperfect).

the kid in my class that succeeded went triple whammy, pill OD, rope about the neck and gun to the head. Sr year in HS too, just before life became incalculably better, though none of us knew it at the time. Benefit of hindsight I guess...

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HOly guacamOle!

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Suicide rates of females may be rising faster, due to attention seeking, but this proves why the male rate is actually higher and why more males actually go through with it. Holy fucking shit.

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How did it work? Did he have some type of switch or something? Asking for a friend

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Did you read the text? It sounds kinda confusing but he had nails (the kind you hit with a hammer) which are touching the primer. Each of the nails was wired to an arc welder to provide the electricity. When the electricity was switched on the electricity would cause the primers to ignite and would fire the buckshot (shotgun cartridge).

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Wow, that IS really thought out.. Thanks.

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Literal overkill.