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Like the Annunaki? I don't know about that kind of stuff. It seems almost too good to be true. Maybe they were in fact fallen demons that came to earth temporarily(the whole ancient alien phenomenon) and created the devil we know as the civilizational complex. Maybe, I am wrong, and Paleolithic Europeans had some sort of influence on creating the civilizational complex, but then here is my question, why did they not have any complex civilizational complexes until about 7,000 years ago. Turkey and Jordan had city-state complexes going back to 12,000 years ago(Catal Hayak in Turkey).

I think potentially the harsh climate of Northern Europe and the fact that there were pressures on Northern Europeans from other invading peoples from the East created massive issues for them, but in fact they have found Northern Europeans living in Central Asia(Androvono culture) co-existing with Mongoloid peoples, so I find it hard to believe that whites liked the civilizational model. They decided to just stick to fire and the basic constituencies of living, because they knew the Niggers behind the creation of the civilization complex from the Levantine to the Tarim Basin/China area were bizarre and engaged in all kinds of negative cults and that the civilizational complex was like wildfire that would burn them down.

They probably accepted it when it was necessary to keep Middle-Easterners and Central Asians out. It was a necessary evil, but it might be a necessary evil that ends up haunting us. in this case, its quite possible that there were Annunakis and people like the Nephilim(who are mentioned in the Bible) actually were spiritual forces behind the corruption of man. I find it hard they would know what is down on earth unless they were of a higher power. Why would God allow such evil people to rule and engineer the world? I don't think a God would necessarily allow that.

I think its quite hard to say. I don't like conspiracies that are so bizarre that they enter the realm of not only the delusional but are prone to being exploited for all kinds of wicked madness towards other humans. I do believe in intelligent life outside of our own planet and galaxy and that we are not really that intelligent when compared to these creatures.

I can see a God coexisting with these peoples and perhaps they were benevolent factions who wanted to inculcate goodness in mankind, but you can forget about that at times. A God can never be excluded from the picture is my understanding, but generally speaking if I were to make a conclusion on this matter I would say that also there were evil forces out there that saw the goodness of the world and tried to engineer it to total madness and drive the races against each other and to use the civilizational model to subvert whites, who were seen as too intelligent and good.


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Ever read the bible Book of revelations?

Give it a try.


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