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It isn't about the junkies we already have; not really. It's about keeping anyone from becoming one.

The government run shooting gallery in Vancouver, Canada is one block away from Chinatown. Vancouver is over half Chinese. The government run shooting gallery has 4000 people a day use it. No Chinese.

The Chinese families raise their kids to put the family first and they wouldn't do that to them. It's pretty simple when you look at the differences. They didn't raise them with the inflated self esteem so they don't think they're the one and only superhuman that isn't going to become addicted to an addictive drug.

Those 4000 junkies using the gallery could be arrested and sentenced ti rehab, but there is no rehab. That's deliberate.

Some will relapse and you send them back. Some won't relapse. They're going to die eventually, you need to shame them for the sake of the next generation. In the meantime, you have to preserve the sanctity of life until they do. Ship them out of town. Make work camps for them or something, I don't care.

There's always going to be some useless morons on drugs. You keep it to a minimum and you don't reward them with sympathy. Cigarette smokers sure as hell don't get sympathy. Demonization works

There is a constant supply of collapsed junkies being rescusitated in the blocks surrounding the gallery, and all junkies do share needles at some point so the clinic propaganda is a fairy tale.


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Top sentence is the best one - a daliy bodycount on how many junkies have been cleaned off the streets by coroners might be a good start to deterrence. having to step past dead bodies knowing that that is now the ultimate result of just that one bad batch or just that little bit too much could be as well.

Stop resuscitating junkies. Its already a health hazard to paramedics. They chose what they do. There are ways to get smashed that dont completely fuck anything up that aint already a little bit fucked.