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It's everywhere in the area I live. Don't feel bad for them. They're talking to God right there. I'm not one of these people that deny average racial IQs or frontal lobe development. At the same time, an African American paralyzed midget with an 80 IQ working the cash register at Mcdonald's has far more worth to society than these able bodied white niggers. I consider all drug addicts sub human. I consider any too fat to walk sub human. I consider anyone that is an alcoholic to the point they can't take care of themselves or work sub human. I'm not judging functional alcoholics or people with beer guts. I'm just saying, once you hit that point of you can't work at all and you can't take care of yourself at all, you're a fucking drain on everyone else who does those things. I'm fucking fine with opening up the death showers for these people. I've had enough of their shit. I've put up with them long enough. Low income housing and apartments are basically mental asylums now filled with the drug addicted and insane. If you will not work then you should not have any government assistance. Give jobs, not handouts. And people LOVE to complain about cops. Guess what? 30 years ago these assholes would have had some night sticks taken to their ass. We need to start judging people by what they contribute. All the niggers of all colors will end up where they belong anyways if we do that. These people are a fucking disgrace to their race, religion, country, culture and neighborhood.


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I agree with every fucking word you wrote. If I had more votes to give you, I would.